The Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell monomyth


I have always loved Mythology and Jim Henson Productions. So naturally, my favourite video to watch as a child was “The Storyteller”, which is a combination of mythology and stories + Jim Henson Muppet’s (I truly recommend it, go out and buy it as soon as possible).

Naturally the majority of these stories, even though they originated from different parts of Europe, all used The Hero’s Journey or The Monomyth as their main theme or plot. Now, I could wax lyrically for hours about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey, seriously the man was brilliant and fascinating to listen to, and while I would honestly prefer for Joseph Campbell to explain the process himself, I will give a brief description.

The Hero’s Journey is the theme, set of plot points, and/or character arc that a main character must endure in order to accomplish the narrative resolution. The following videos will explore further:

The Hero’s Journey (1987) by Joseph Campbell

However, that video goes for roughly an hour, if you’d prefer a shorter video involving muppets (and who doesn’t like Muppets honestly?)

The Hero’s Journey by Glove and Boots

Recommended Reading:


The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell


The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

World Mythology

World Mythology Edited by Roy Willis

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