Realistic Expectations

I was going through my never-ending deluge of emails when I found links to a few articles on We Grow Media:

Dan Blank – MORE Social, LESS Media
Dan Blank – No, Things Were Not Easier “Back in the Day.”
Dan Blank – Being a Success, Without Being a Bestseller

I found the articles to not only helpful, but reassuring as these articles covered issues I still currently have problems with. I’ve spent so much time on setting up my social media platforms and I’m so active on social media, I no longer have time for writing.

I had hoped to have my novel outline template and my first draft of my NANOWRIMO novel Metamorphosis finished. I had also hoped to have completed my Australian Women Writer’s Challenge (read and review 10 books written by Australian women) finished. But I haven’t finished any of my “Before I head back to University” Projects.

Previously, I would make these GINORMOUS To-Do-lists, I would spend so much time running around trying to get everything done, however in the end I usually didn’t complete any of the things I wanted to get done. It was really frustrating and made me think “What’s the point of it all?”. Now, I just assign myself one task I want to do a day, if I get anything else done, it’s a bonus :).

And although I’ve found some useful programs such as Remember The Milk and Evernote and useful planner printable PDFs, I’m still not as organised as I would like to be and Havering isn’t up the standard of most professional Author Websites.  My life and myself are still a work in progress and as loathe as I am sound like I’m whining, it was reassuring to know I wasn’t the only one struggling with the work/study/life balance problem.

Personally, I have difficulty with my Stumbled Upon ProfileGoogle+ Page and my Havering Facebook Page but I at least know what to do with them (as opposed to Digg and Reddit). So I suppose my question to my readers is that, what social media application do you feel most comfortable with and which one do you struggle with? How do you balance your normal life with your writing life or are they one and the same? Let me know your thoughts or any suggestions for improvements in the comments, Thank You 🙂

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