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One of the best and worst things about University is that you have to study Social Issues and one of those issues that was discussed in my Knowing and Knowledge A lecture and Tutorial was the steady rise of anti-Islamic or anti-Muslim propaganda that has been occurring in Australia since before September 11, 2001. Problem is, these scrape-goat and race-blame tactics are not just occurring in Australia.

Greek Tragedy: The rise of Europe’s neo-Nazis

And I don’t know about you, but watching that video made me want to run home immediately, crawl up into bed and never come out again. I have no idea how and why people can be so hateful, this mentality is so strange to me. I can’t comprehend it. I have no idea how Muslim people, who have been so unfairly alienated by the media and by western society, get up in the morning and go about their day. How do they do it?

And this is one of the drawbacks of University, it makes you aware of the problem, but not how you can actually do something about it. Someone should do something about this, but I’m just one person in the world and who on Earth is going to take me seriously? I don’t take myself seriously the vast majority of the time. I can’t influence people. I don’t know if you’ve tried arguing with a racist or homophobic person, but I know for a damn fact that they are determined to stick to their misguided and incorrect ideology, regardless of any evidence you demonstrate before them.

The only thing I could think of were amusing youtube videos and books.

Aamer Rahman Gives A Perfect Explanation Of Why Theres No Such Thing As Racism Against White People

Fear of The Brown Planet: White People

Fear of The Brown Planet: Nazeem Hussain at The Melbourne Comedy Festival 2010

Fear of The Brown Planet: Aamer Rahman at The Melbourne Comedy Fesitival 2010

Coming of Age: Growing Up Muslim in Australia

What a Muslim Woman Looks Like

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