Inclusion and Exclusion

Father of UCSB Shooting Victim: “When Will This Insanity Stop?”

As you can probably tell from the above links, there has been another American University Shooting, the fact that I can say “another” with such causality is truly disturbing, however, that’s another topic and I don’t want to get side-tracked.

The shooter of this particular incident was misogynistic young man who felt that he was entitled to the attention of Women, he felt so entitled to the attention of Women, he decided he would punish Women for rejecting him
Elliot Rodger

One of the responses on Twitter was the #YesAllWomen hashtag in reaction to the #NotAllMen hash-tag. Here are some of the tweets:
Tweets from Women

Tweets from Men

Now, whenever one of these University shootings occur, the issue of Gun Control is always brought up:
The Daily Show: John Oliver Investigates Gun Control in Australia – Part 1

The Daily Show: John Oliver Investigates Gun Control in Australia – Part 2

The Daily Show: John Oliver’s Australia & Gun Control’s Aftermath

Domestic Violence and Guns

While I won’t argue that Gun Control is an issue and an important factor in mass shooting cases. However, there are some statistics that need to be taken into account. Sure Gun Violence in Australia is down 60 to 80 percent and there has have never been another mass shooting in Australia like at Port Arthur, however statistically 1 woman a week in Australia is dies because of Domestic Violence. That’s 52 women a year because of Misogyny, the same type of Misogyny that Elliot Rodger displayed.

We’re looking at the symptoms (such as possible Mental Illness, lack of Gun Control, Poor University Security) but not the Root Cause, which in this case (and many others) is Misogyny and this perceived privilege that white heterosexual cis-gendered Males have over anyone who doesn’t fit into the white heterosexual cis-gendered male label.

One of the good things and bad things about University is that whenever a media campaign or social media activity and/or trend occur, I hear the voice of my Tutorial teacher inside my head, gently reminding me, “Who is Included and who is Excluded?” and while I participated in the #YesAllWomen Twitter trend, I couldn’t help but notice that perhaps one of our most vulnerable minority groups (that are highly affected by Misogyny) were being excluded.

I’m speaking of the Transgender people. I found it difficult to find #YesAllWomen Tweets that included Transgender people

Misogyny affects EVERYBODY. It’s the reason why Women don’t report Rape or Domestic Violence incidents where they are the victims, it’s the reason why Men don’t report Rape and Domestic Violence incidents where they are the victims.

This has to stop.

And although I will not proclaim to know or have all of the answers, however, one of the ways that people can help end Misogyny is stop invalidating someone’s harassment or assault experiences (sexual or otherwise). If someone gathers up the courage to tell you about an incident of sexual harassment or sexual assault, just listen to them, try to comfort them (if possible). Don’t start saying things like “What were you wearing?” or “Did you ask for it?” or even worse “Well that’s never happened to me.”

That last one, Women especially, dismissing Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault because it hasn’t happened to them, is like me saying that just because I’ve never been outside of Australia, Europe doesn’t exist. Just because you haven’t personally experienced Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, doesn’t make Sexual Harassment or Rape less real.

Rape is Real. Sexual Harassment is Real. Transphobia is real. Misogyny is Real.

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