False Idols and Lost Prophets

Regular readers of my blog (just in case you’re not figments of my imagination) may have noticed my slight obsession with The Daily Show, especially John Oliver. Yes, I do indeed harbor a a small amount of admiration for The Daily Show team, Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert

FAKIN’ IT! – How The Daily Show and The Colbert Report Affect Politics and Policy

The Daily Show:

The Colbert Report:
John Oliver:

The closest thing Australia had in comparison to The Daily show would be The Chaser’s War on Everything

Unfortunately, The Chaser’s War on Everything was taken off air after they performed a comedy sketch involving The Make-A-Wish Foundation and a terminally-ill child

To be brutally honest, I don’t think there will ever be a way a comedian can make Leukemia funny, I just don’t think it can be done. However, I disagree with The Chaser’s War on Everything being taken off air, it sends a strange message to those involved in Comedy Satire. That a subjective topic such as comedy must only be censored and restricted to socially acceptable targets and that when comedy writers do make mistakes (which is inevitable), everyone involved in the show must be punished as well.

Anyway, what were your thoughts on the The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and The Chaser’s War on Everything? Let me know in the comment section

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