I was doing some research on Buddhism, mostly because I had a burst of inspiration for an old Novel Project Idea and I figured I’d post up a few links I found. Now, something to keep in mind, Buddhism as a research topic is ENORMOUS, the first time I tried researching it I was completely overwhelmed (and I hadn’t even started writing the novel either, I still haven’t written it come to think of it), I’ll just be posting up links and books that cover the basics (so to speak)

Buddhism for Dummies
Buddhism For Dummies
Buddhism For Dummies – Cheat-Sheet

Oriental Mythology
Oriental Mythology (The Masks of God #2) by Joseph Campbell

An Illustrated Outline of Buddhism
An Illustrated Outline of Buddhism: The Essentials of Buddhist Spirituality by William Stoddart

Basic Buddhism Guide: A Five Minute Introduction

There’s also Buddhism organisations such as:
Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Buddhist Council of Victoria

I’ll post up more stuff when I learn more, however I figured this would be a good introduction.

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