Auslan Sign Language

My sister works as an Auslan Sign Language Interpreter and she mentioned this documentary.

Now, something to keep in mind with Sign Language is that it’s just like any other language, it has its own syntax, linguistics and different dialects depending on which country or state you are from. Similar to spoken languages it also constantly evolves, adapting and changing to match the younger generations of sign language users. Auslan (Australian Sign Language) does have similarities with British Sign Language (BSL), more obviously due to Australia being colonized by Britain. However it does have differences due to Australian culture and history. It also uses some sign vocabulary from American sign language (ASL) and Irish sign language depending on when schools of the Deaf where established and what sign language the instructors used in Australia.

Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting – Theory and practice in Australia and New Zealand (2nd edition) by Jemina Napier, Rachel Locker McKee and Della Goswell

Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association
Signing Time

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