Editing Organisations

As I’m a writer living in Victoria and occasionally receive editing opportunities, I figured I’d post up some links to a few editing associations:

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd)

Editors Victoria
How To Join:
~It depends on what type of membership you want and the level of qualifications and experience you have. There’s a sign-up form available which lists all the details
~Requirements for Membership PDF
~Membership subscriptions are valid for one year:
-Full or Associate: $95.00
-Distant (Full or Associate): $62.50
-Student: $54.50

Editing Links:
Error Proof
Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
Queen of Pedants by John Mullan
The Editorium
The Electric Editors
Reference Checker
Guide to Grammar and Style
Web Style Guide

Other Links that might be helpful:
Australasian Association of Writing Programs
The Australian Publishers Association (APA)
Writer’s Victoria

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