Artistic Inspiration: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
In high-school, English and Literature classes revolved around the Romantics Era of Art History and the works of Jane Austin, which I found incredibly boring. I don’t have a problem with The Romantics Era per say, encouraging people to create art is a positive thing, I just despise the way some of the artists have been glorified despite their personality and bad choices. The World does not need anymore Lord Byron’s, we have plenty enough of them already. I also think the Romantic Era is responsible for the prevalent terrible stereotypes and biases the modern world of Art continues to face.

Less Romanticism, More Pragmatism.

There’s also the fact that while most of my friends love Jane Austin, I honestly can’t stand her, I only got half-way through Sense and Sensibility, though I do thoroughly enjoy Jane Austin Movie Adaptations and yes, I will defend that! *cowers behind desk at the thought of the Pending Doom the Jane Austin Fan-club will now be sending* Besides, who doesn’t enjoy watching movies staring Alan Rickman?

So, if Classic Literature of the Western World didn’t inspire me, what did?

Well, while it could be argued that I watched FAR TOO much television as a child, if I had to pick favorites, I’d have to say that Sailor Moon and Monkey Magic are my favorite childhood shows, and yes I will defend that!
The Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classics of Chinese Literature and in retrospect, this story and it’s various adaptations such as Saiyuki have influenced me the most as a person and as a writer. The Journey to The West is the reason why I started investigating Buddhism in the first place. I plan on Writing my own inspired version of The Journey to The West, and yes it will be all kinds of terrible-awful, but I’m doing it anyway 😀

So it was only a matter of time before I became a massive fan of Wuxia Films and Jackie Chan. It might seem strange for a Fantasy Writer to develop an interest in Wuxia and Martial Arts films, but when you examine them closely, they’re not so different and while I want to point out that there are so many Amazing actors involved in Wuxia films (such as Michelle Yeoh), however Jackie Chan stands out for me.

One of those reasons is that in the beginning of his career, a lot of directors tried to mold him into another Bruce Lee-Replicator and discouraged him from making Kung-Fu comedies, however Jackie Chan didn’t let that stop him, he persevered and eventually became a critical and commercial success by his own merit.

Jackie Chan is also very honest about his involvement in Hollywood movies such as the Rush Hour trilogy and Shanghai movies. He gets involved in these projects, makes an enormous amount money, then goes home to Hong Kong and makes the movies he wants to make. I can’t help but admire him for that.

So my question is: what was your favorite TV show or book as a child? Does it continue to influence and inspire you? Let me know in the comment section 🙂

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