The amazing K. A. Cook has decided to launch a long awaited Novel The Stillwater Files: Asylum. Please go check it out

The Melbourne Writer’s Festival is occurring, a program is available for those interested in attending any events. I’m thinking of checking out:
~Seminar: Self-publishing Blueprint
~Seminar: Breaking into Romance

Yeah… I have an essay I need to write, however instead of writing it, I’ve decided that procrastination is the better alternative. Yay!

How To Structure an Essay – The Writing Space, Victoria University
Essay Checklist – The Writing Space, Victoria University
Writing an Essay – Charles Sturt University
Essay Writing: The Basics – University of New South Wales

That should be enough. People don’t read my blog to find out how to write an essay (or do they?). Alright, time to provide some useful content. Pinterest is terrible for my procrastination tendencies, there’s just too many interesting things to look at, however I did find some infographics that were useful towards writing.

Infographics for Writers & Readers
How To Be More Creative

4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I am so slow to see this because I’ve had a wild week (teaching! Ebook production and hand-made books! Ye gods!) but, wow, thank you so very much. I’m flattered! I should hire you to be my promoter – can I pay you in chocolate, design services or copies of the soundtrack to Once More, With Feeling? 😉

    I read somewhere that procrastination was never about being lazy or distracted and always about one’s fear of being able to get the job done well enough to meet our own internal/exacting standards (I bookmarked the piece, but I have so much stuff bookmarked that even with my system it’ll take ages to find) and I’m pretty sure that’s me perfectly, or why else did I take so long to make my book an e-book? It does make me feel better, though – I’m anxious and overly perfectionistic, not lazy.

    Then again, who really wants to write an academic essay, anyway?

    Again, thank you. You’re amazing!

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  2. You’ve finished two novels and published them, clearly you’re the amazing one here :). To be honest, my method of Blogging seems to be
    1. Perform a word-vomit out into the great Ether known as The Internet
    2. Rinse and repeat
    I don’t actually expect people to read my posts. let alone take time out to comment on it, so thank you for taking time out. By the way, did you mean “Once More, With Feeling” Buffy the Vampire Slayer style?


    1. I should confess something: I write novels because I’m avoiding (procrastinating on) everything else I should be doing (actually writing fiction doesn’t scare me, as long as I don’t ever think about anyone but me reading it). It just means I look awesomely productive while I’m very much Not Doing many other things. My psychologist says I’m a bit addicted to writing…

      Besides which, that’s pretty much my method of blogging, too. Profuse word vomiting, no less!

      Is there anything else to reference that isn’t BtVS? My knowledge of musicals starts and ends at spec fic TV show musical episodes!

      I’m really bad at commenting and liking and responding to other people online, so I can’t promise I’ll be doing it all the time, but you say interesting things that make me think things in response, hence the commenting. I think that says something about your hitting the mark as a blogger!

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  3. I love BtVS and Once More With Feeling is definitely my favourite episode, please don’t get me started, or the rabid fan-girl within will be unleashed 🙂 Don’t worry about the commenting, personally I’m surprised every time I receive one, so thank you, I do really appreciate it, I know you’re usually always busy.


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