Rhythm and Blues

Jazz and Blues
Today, I attended my Grandfather’s Funeral and, as I watched my mother and her two brothers struggle to get through their individual eulogies, I realised I hadn’t known my Grandfather very well. When my uncles spoke of my Grandfather’s life and the trials he had overcome, some observations I had made as a young child, now made more sense as an adult. I now feel as though I have a better grasp of the person my grandfather was.

My grandfather loved Jazz and Blues music and before he became too sick to travel to the various Jazz Festivals around Australia, my partner and I attended a live performance set up by his Blues Club. I suspect my mother encouraged me to go along so that someone would be keeping an eye on him, however that evening spent listening to live cover versions of Jazz and Blues songs is one of my fondest memories of my grandfather.

I don’t want to go too far into the details of situation and, in all honesty, I don’t expect readers of my blog to be interested, however I just wanted to make a small tribute to him.

Don’t Forget to Miss Me – Harry Manx

Coat of Mail – Harry Manx

That Lucky Old Song – Solomon Burke

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