Reading Checklist – Fiction

Read the Rainbow
Read the Rainbow

Things have been a little crazy this past week with my grandpa’s funeral in Merimbula, the Wentworth Show in Wentworth, and my offical declaration of becoming a mobile phone serial killer. My phone battery died and because the way it’s built, the battery can’t be replaced and the battery can only be charged when it’s still on.

So I decided I would use my old phone while I tried to sort out the situation, two days later the battery in that phone died as well. So I’m currently using my partner’s old phone, which I can’t install any of my reminder apps on (frustrating to no end).

However, despite all the obstacles, I’ve managed to create an Ambiguous Pieces 2014 Reading Checklist
2014 Reading Checklist – Fiction

Hopefully this PDF will make things easier to organise and Readers can play along at home if you wanted (only if you want to). Here’s the sign up sheet for the 100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge.

Yeah, I know, I should have organised this at the start of the year, not half-way through, but whatever. Now, I’m going to crawl back to bed as I developed a cold over the weekend.

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