Lights, Camera, Books!

Technical Difficulties I’ve already tried posting this up once today, so today’s post will be a short one, otherwise I just might start throwing things, starting with my desktop computer. Anyway, Book Review Video Blogs, or Vlogs, are apparently a thing now.
~Simone van der Steeg
~Little Book Owl
~Jesse the Reader
~Padfoot and Prongs07
~The Readables

While I get most of my recommended reads from Book City Chick and my friends, I subscribe to Katytastic’s channel and Little Book Owl’s channel. So, dear readers the questions are thus:
~Where do you get your reading recommendations from?
~Do you subscribe to Book Review Vlogs? Why or Why not?
~Do you run a Book Review Vlog yourself?

Let me know in the comment section 🙂

Queer Without Gender:
~Rec Post: Queer Fantasy
~Rec Post: Queer Fiction

General Links I found Entertaining:
~WTF Bad Romance Covers
~WTF Bad Fantasy Covers
~Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Books!

  1. Thank you for the mention! 😀 I couldn’t pay someone for the promotion you provide!

    You may want to know, though, that your URL for WTFbadromancecovers is borked – you’ve got the URL for your post added to it. Link is here for anyone who needs it.

    I’d never watch a review vlog pretty much because I’m kind of audio-phobic when it comes to online videos. It’s just not a mode of interaction I’m comfortable with for some reason – I’m even a little weird over TED Talks, seriously. As much as I think Brené Brown absolutely amazing.

    Most of my book recommendations come from people I know or people who know me telling me about awesome books I need to read. That or I’m browsing Rainbow eBooks in search of something nobody knows about so I can recommend them to others. Or there’s a few LGBT communities on Tumblr I follow that sometimes promote queer works. There’s a lot of m/m fiction recommend and review sites; not so much for non-m/m queer fiction, but the people I know who read it tend (queer and cishet people alike) to be quite chatty about what we read perhaps because of that.

    (Incidentally, my queer fantasy rec post now has the most hits of any non-promotion post on my blog. I’m thinking that says something interesting about the want for recommendations.)

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    1. You’re welcome for the mention, and that’s great that your recommendation posts are pulling in readers, The Internet’s large audience can be a pro and con at times. Thanks for the url check, I’ll get that sorted out asap.

      It’s cool if you’re not into video reviews, the popularity of of Book Review vlogs took me by surprise to be honest, I didn’t expect there would be so many. I myself don’t feel comfortable making youtube videos, despite the fact that a few popular writing blogs I’ve read really recommend making them. I mean there’s a reason my profile picture is that of a Mountain Goat.


      1. I noticed it just as I dragged my mouse down the page, so you’re lucky I spotted it! (And now you’re converting more online people to the horror that is the Gay Blender. Nice.)

        Videos of just about anything seem to work well to draw in readers, I’ve noted. Book trailers, in particular, are everywhere. A friend of mine (another indie self-published writer) has created a trailer for her novel and seemed to get good responses to it. I know that images work well for the same reason, so I figure it an extension of that? I’ve got another friend who publishes with a queer e-press and works pretty much solely in LiveJournal in terms of self-promotion, and she sells enough books her publisher keeps taking her on. I’m sure for every success story from a given piece of advice there’s someone who’s a success without it.

        I could record myself getting my stutter on and saying the same thing five times. I could. Or I could, well, write it down.

        Goats are cool. I like billy goats – or the goats you get running wild in the scrub in SA – but mountain goats are an acceptable substitute!

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