Author Spotlight: K. A. Cook

K A Cook - Patreon

Those who are regular readers of my blog may have noticed I tend to mention Queer Without Gender often and readers may have also noticed that Kim is one of my biggest discussion contributors in the comments section. So, given recent circumstances, I figured I would give Kim some well-deserved forward promotion.

Writing Style:
This may be inadequate, however I would like to describe Kim’s style of writing as intelligent and sharp and, if you’re not careful, Kim’s words will cut a reader in unexpected ways (it’s a good thing though). From my perspective, Kim’s stories make the reader question the nature and application of Empathy in Society as well as Mortal Limitations and Capacity (How far can one person endure until they snap? What is the true definition of strength and bravery? Why is it so much easier to stand up against an injustice committed against another but so difficult when it occurs against ourselves?).

When I read Kim’s words I am reminded of the metaphor known as “The Greatest Illusion”, which is that the greatest illusion that society enforces upon its subjects is the illusion of separation, that all aspects of life are separate from one another, when in reality everything is connected. Kim also writes about a broad range of topics such as Personal Essays, Gender Roles, GSRM (Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities) Representation, Mental Illness, Disability, Steam-punk, Zombies and/or Vampires.

I truly recommend readers go check out Kim’s written works. Please support an Australian author like Kim, who has worked super hard on writing, editing and self-publishing these projects, all the while combating a chronic pain disability and mental health issues. You can do so by either purchasing a copy of The Stillwater Files: Asylum through Smash Words or by becoming a Patron through Patreon (the links are below).

K. A. Cook’s Social Media Links:
~Patreon: K. A. Cook
~Blog: Queer Without Gender and Kim’s Bookshelf
~Smash Words: K A Cook
~Tumblr: Queer Without Gender Ramblings

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