Arts and Crafts: Knitting, Soap and Candles

knitted laptopsoap-candles-deer-fat

I may have mentioned it previously, but I’ve been looking into knitting, I have a couple of friends that are involved with it and I’ve kind of wanted to know how for a while. My mum went through a crocheting phase when I was younger but I never got around to learning about either knitting or crocheting, however I have been told that knitting is harder and that’s it’s easier to fix mistakes with crocheting. I’ve also been interesting in making homemade soap and candles for Birthday/Christmas, the Christmas period is usually when I have the most gifts to buy and little money to buy things with, this is mostly because I’m 25 and it’s a lot easier and cheaper to have the junior staff work the holiday season (oh the joys of working in the Retail Industry).

However, a handmade knitted pair of socks is a valuable gift regardless, though I am told that knitting socks requires 4 knitting needles and I currently only have two (I should probably start out with simple stuff anyway). A part of me thinks this is just going to end in disaster just like my book making phase, however no one will ever be able to say I didn’t try or wasn’t open to new things.

These are the references I plan on using:

Knitting BasicsKnitting Basics by Melody Lord

Making Soap and Candles for DummiesMaking Soap and Candles for Dummies by Kelly Ewing

And so, now is time for the Audience Participation segment of Ambiguous Pieces

Do any of you knit and/or crochet? Do you have a preference? Do any of you make soap or candles? Any beginner advice you’d like to share? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section.


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