Thoughts, Words and Actions

Before reading this post, I recommend reading this first:

Queer Without Gender – Queercott: Marriage Alliance

I was reading these articles about the new Stonewall movie that’s coming out in September
Stonewall: A Film About a Historic Moment of Resistance… That Erases the People Who Were There by Teresa Jusino
#NotMyStonewall: Why I’m Not Giving the Movie “Stonewall” a Chance by Jules Horowitz

Now I will confess, my first thoughts were

White Male Protagonist

However quips aside, it does represent a serious problem with casting choices, it’s insulting not just to the transgender community but to anyone with a brain. The director is essentially saying to the audience “You couldn’t possibly understand what it means to be different, that’s why you need a white guy to act as a translator, you couldn’t possibly figure it out all on your own”. As a Director of a movie or a Writer of a book, if you need a White Male Protagonist for your story to resonate with your audience, then you’re a lazy story-teller and I will not tolerate lazy story-telling.

So, not only will I be boycotting the movie Stonewall, I will be donating $36 (the price of two adult movie tickets) to Transgender Victoria. I feel it’s not enough to boycott movies like Stonewall, more affirmative action is required, especially since tripe like this will continue to be vomited out of Hollywood now that being apart of the GSRM (Gender Sexual and Romantic Minorities) community has become “trendy”. Below are links to various transgender organisations in Australia, if there are any other Australian transgender organisations that readers would like to mention, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll add a link to the post.

30+ Examples of Cisgender Privilege and 5+ Ways to Make Our World More transgender-Friendly

Gender Spectrum – It’s an American website but it has lots of useful information, it’s main focus is educating people on the Gender Spectrum and creating safe environments

The Gender Centre – this is a service and community centre for transgender and gender diverse people in New South Wales, Australia

Transgender Victoria – this is a service and community centre for transgender and gender diverse people in Victoria, Australia

Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland Inc. (ATSAQ) – this is a community support group for transgender and gender diverse people in Queensland, Australia

ANZPATH – Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health

Gender Identity Australia – it’s primary focus is research but has a great links page

The Zoe Belle Gender Centre – a not-for-profit service centre for transgender and genderqueer Victorians.

Genderqueer Australia – Information and networking for non-binary/genderqueer Australians

Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCV) – Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria run a separate peer support group for transgender people in Melbourne

Genderfork – an online community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum.

Feminists Fighting Transphobia – this blog was created in response to a distressing increase in organized transphobic activities by certain groups of feminists.The blog has some good articles and links

4 thoughts on “Thoughts, Words and Actions

  1. There are SO MANY films/TV shows coming out now, getting on that “trendy” bandwagon of doom, that just fail, irrevocably, in trans depictions/representations/inclusions (and no, we don’t need another fucking cis dude playing a trans woman when there are trans actresses who struggle to get acting work, deserve the legitimacy big-screen adaptations will give their stories and will do a vastly better job on account of being an actual woman in a female role). I hate it.

    (And I hate, above everything else, that the queer movement is basically about white gay cis dudes. Got a post that tangents on that one brewing…)

    So, yeah, a thing in need of talking about. And good on you for having the money to back up your words. Right now I only have words, but I appreciate people taking that step (in a world where it’s so damn easy to just like or reblog and then go about the rest of your life).

    Friendly neighborhood NB queer speaking:

    – The asterisk in “trans*” is quite divisive, especially in transfeminine discourse. I wouldn’t use it because I think it hurts more people (especially trans women/trans feminine folks) than it includes.

    – I know it’s your style, but I wouldn’t capitalise “transgender”; it’s kind of like the equivalent of scare-quoting, and while I know you don’t intend this, it blinks out at me.

    – “Transgender”, never “transgendered” (so, “transgender community”) “Transgender” is a noun, not a verb, so you can’t modify it – it’s a failure of grammar, aside from being on the edge of offensive. Even if the organisation uses “transgendered”, I’d change it to “transgender” in my descriptions. (And side-eye any organisation that uses a loathed, grammatically-incorrect term.)

    More links (I’ll keep to general ones):

    Zoe Belle Gender Centre – Another not-for-profit service centre for queer and trans Victorians.

    Genderqueer Australia – Information and networking for non-binary/genderqueer Australians (really important, because there aren’t that many services that are specifically inclusive for NB trans folk as opposed to incidentally inclusive, and speaking as an NB person, I often don’t feel “trans enough” in binary trans spaces).

    ARCVic – Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria. They run a separate peer support group for Melbournian trans folk (and only trans folk – no cis queers) with anxiety disorders, and I’ve spoken with the founder of the organisation, who is lovely. Bit of a curve ball, but if there’s trans folk struggling with anxiety and need both facets accommodated in a safe, supportive environment, this is it.

    Genderfork – Not Australian, but a space where anyone who isn’t cis can come and talk about the non-cis gender experience, ask questions, share thoughts and feel less alone in being binary trans/non-binary/genderqueer/agender/genderfluid … or any other shape of what it is to be non-binary trans. This is usually my second website checked when I get online!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it means a lot and I really appreciate it. I’ve reviewed the post and done some editing as well as adding your links, however please let me know if if I’ve made it worse or if there’s anything else I can add. Normally I wouldn’t be able to make a donation but luckily my work has been more consistent these last couple of weeks (though still waiting for the inevitable screw-up, the joys of retail). Don’t discount your words, they are what inspired me after all, you have a bigger impact than you think 🙂


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