Technical Difficulties Part 2

I was cooking dinner a couple of weeks ago, pasta bake to be specific, and the fan in my fan-forced oven stopped working and started omitting sparks. So, now my oven is off limits, which is especially frustrating and sad as I wanted to bake an apple-pie and post it up on RecipeYum.

It also doesn’t help that a month ago, the arm on my glasses snapped (the fact that I read and reviews books and wear glasses may come as a shock, I know, but bare with me here), I was supposed to pick up my new frames and lenses today, but the laboratory that makes them has delayed delivering them until Monday (never mind that I need these things to see).

It also doesn’t help that a lens fell out, so I’m only seeing properly out of one eye (which is better than me stumbling around the house without my glasses at all) and I still can’t find the small screwdriver thingy to put it back in. All in all, today feels like a complete write off, suffering from a serious case of CBF.

So yeah, here’s some links for No-Bake Recipes

75 No Bake Recipes – Chef In Training

Easy No-Bake Recipes – Sally’s Baking Addiction

No Bake Cake Recipes – Good To Know

Enjoy and if you have any no-bake recipes to share, let me know in the comments section

One thought on “Technical Difficulties Part 2

  1. I exploded my oven once! Well…it’s a convection oven and i have nooo idea what I did but it started omitting black smoke and absolutely burned the house with electrical stink. SO YEAH. We fixed it though, but super scary. >_>

    agh, sounds like a really awful day. I hope tomorrow is better?!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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