Author Event: A Romantic Career @ MWF

Victoria University were offering the opportunity to apply for the position of event reviewer and/or article editor for The Melbourne Writer’s Festival, I applied for it, thinking along the lines that “I probably won’t get it as so many other people will be applying as well”, however I received an email and apparently I was selected to act as reviewer. The event I’ll be attending and reviewing is:
Event: A Romantic Career
Summary: Long-time romance novelists Australian Anne Gracie and American Mary Jo Putney share the ins and outs of their writing careers. They’ll talk about how the ever-popular genre – and the way it’s published – has changed over the years. In conversation with Kate Cuthbert.
Date & Time: Saturday 22 of August 11:30 am
Venue: The Wheeler Centre Performance Space
Duration: 60 minutes

I’m definitely looking forward to Saturday. There’s also the Victoria University Reviewer For A Day Blog, which I would recommend readers check out.

2 thoughts on “Author Event: A Romantic Career @ MWF

    1. Thank you, the event was very interesting, it was great to hear and talk to such experienced Writers, you definitely need a thick skin to write Romance 🙂


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