Writing Resources: Working From Home

Writing, as an industry, is contradictory. In order for a writer to meet their goals, they need to isolate themselves away from the world and create and polish their current Work In Progress manuscript/project. But refusing to emerge from The Writer’s Cave can damage a Writer’s ability to keep up healthy social relationships (and the occasional reminder to groom properly). Without social relationships, it’s very difficult for a Writer to make a contact with the required people needed to publish said WIP manuscript/project (agent, editor, possible publisher), there needs to be balance in a writer’s life but also focus. A writer needs to use as much as their time as possible, a task I still struggle with greatly, not because of my social butterfly tendencies but because I can’t or don’t focus well.

When I work at home, I have difficulties prioritizing my writing tasks which is bad as I’m planning on having a finished first draft for my current WIP manuscript by the end of March but am going back to University by the end of February. I think my big obstacle is my Working From Home Environment, which is pretty much my living room couch. I think this needs to change, I think I need to change one of my spare bedrooms/Room of Laundry into a more professional study area, and while this might just be another excuse to procrastinate, maybe it might help with University as well. Here’s some links:

6 Things You Should Do To Successfully Work From Home by Marie Menke

7 Tips to Success When Working From Home by Susan Hang

5 Tips on How To Focus When Working From Home – The Queen of Jet Lag

You Can Work From Home Without Going Nuts – Chapter Friday

Blog Class: What an Editorial Calendar is and What it can do for your Blog – Chapter Friday

How to Create an Editorial Calendar Using Google Calendar [Free Editorial Calendar Template] by Corey Wainwright

IKEA Home Planner and IKEA catalogue 2016 (because if I’m struggling with procrastination, I’m taking you all with me)

Here’s some Printables:

Early Start Daily PlannerScattered Squirrel

Weekly OverviewScattered Squirrel

Weekly Planner (Minimalist)Small Paper Things

Monthly Planner (Minimalist)Small Paper Things

Classic SundayPassion Planner

Compact Sunday A5Passion Planner

However this sort of thing is subjective, what works for Person A might not work for Person B, so if you have any helpful suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments section.

Also, if any of my readers are uncertain on how to co-author a book with someone, here’s an article that might help:

Murder Is More Fun With An Accomplice: A Guide For Co-Writing A Novel by Melodie Campbell

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