Resources: Rape Culture – An Introduction

Rape Culture2
From my own perspective, one of the many aspects of Feminism is deconstructing and removing The Patriarchy from The World. Hopefully this will ultimately lead to dismantling and removing the harmful elements of society, such as Rape Culture, that are enforced by The Patriarchy and other Discrimination Hierarchies. But what is Rape Culture? After all, how can we remove something from Society when we don’t know what it is? Behold! A small sample of articles to help:

~Rape Culture is Real—And Yes, We’ve Had Enough By Alana Prochuk – Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre

~Why We Still Need Feminism by Casey Cavanagh

~A Perfect Explanation of Why Women’s Rights and Racial Justice Are Still a Big Deal by Sasheer Zamata and ACLU

~5 Reasons Why Non-Traditional Rape Narratives Are Important by Sian Ferguson

~Trigger Warning: Breakfast

~The Everyday Sexism Project – There’s also a book

~3 Reasons Why Assuming Women Are Often “Crying” Rape Prevents Most Survivors from Getting Justice by Jarune Uwujaren

~25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture by Shannon Ridgway

~Regardless of The Perpetrator’s Identity, Rape Is Rape! by Feranda Chua

~To End Rape Culture, We Must Address These 3 Things by Sara Alcid

~Intent vs. Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter by Jamie Utt

~A Reclamation of Our Personal Rights as Victims and Survivors of Sexual Violence by Sian Ferguson

~There’s a Rape Epidemic in America That No One Is Talking About: Debunking 4 Myths About Male Survivors by Jack Fischl

~7 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Sexual Assault Survivors Immediately by Maureen Shaw

~5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse By Winston Rowntree

~5 Ways Society Is Sexist Against Men (and How We Can Fix It) By CRACKED Staff

While I understand there are legitimate reasons for not identifying with the Feminist movement, especially since Feminism has a long history of refusing to acknowledge and/or address intersectional discrimination problems. However, regardless of Political and/or Civil Rights Movement Associations, I think we can all agree that Rape Culture impacts everyone and Rape Culture hurts everyone, so it needs to end (yesterday preferably). While I don’t want to give readers the impression that I’m declaring myself an expert on the subject (I’m most definitely not), however I would like this be a starting point. If any readers would like to mention other articles or books on Rape Culture, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

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