My Treasure Chest – Part 2: A Study in Pink

Image Description: Pink box with rows of coloured tape decorating the outside of it. In front of the pink box is a wide variety of stim toys, mostly pink in colour, I will go into greater detail further down the post.

Before I begin, I would like readers to check out these links first as I’ll be using these posts as references:
~Eldritch Esoterica: ‘Fuzzy Coin Purse’ and ‘Fuzzy Pencil Case’ made by Yoobi
~Eldritch Esoterica: Hairy Tangle
~Eldritch Esoterica: Two Worm-like Stuffed Plushies
~Eldritch Esoterica: Squishy Plastic Bath Toys
~Eldritch Esoterica: A Horde of Telephone Cord
~Eldritch Esoterica: Stim toy/jewellery wishlist

Today’s post is going to be centred around Stim toys as I received another box of homemade Stim Toys from Kim. I’ll go through all the items in the box individually:

Image Description: Left to right, a small yellow rubber lizard which is also kind of sticky and a larger pink rubber lizard
These toys remind me of the lizard toys you can find at the National Geographic shop (I loved going to my local National Geographic store as a small spawn). So while I like the pink one and love to watch it’s flickering tail as I move it about (or pretend to have it crawl up my partner’s arm, much to his chagrin), I’m not sure on the yellow sticky lizard. Will have to experiment more.

Image Description: A green, yellow and orange tangle all coiled up inside it's box
For those who have been following Kim’s Stim toy Review posts (for those who haven’t, check this link here and the link up the top of the page), you may have noticed Tangles are a staple feature and there’s a reason for that, they are so interesting to play with (though I only have one tangle so far). It’s small and easy to put in my messenger bag and travel around with. In it’s expanded form:
Image Description: a green, yellow and orange tangle free from it's boxy prison in the shape of a rectangle
It’s diverse and there are multiple ways you can twist and undo it. You can also take it apart, piece by individual piece, and put it back together. The tangle is one of my favourites thus far and I take it with me everywhere.

Image Description: top to bottom, a bright-pink cylindrical slinky in an arch shape with a smaller star-shaped pink and yellow slinky
I love slinky toys, I already have a rainbow coloured slinky which is made of thick plastic (so it’s easy to feel the weight of it in your hands) the bright pink slinky is made of lighter/thinner plastic so it feels different, but a good kind of different. I also like the star-shaped slinky a lot too, it’s compact in size, so it’s easy to put in my Stim Toy bag and take with me.

Image Description: I don't know what the technical name for this is, but I'm going to call it little Styrofoam balls gelled together with green sticky stuff
Kim showed this to me and I kind of got the same impression about this gooey Styrofoam-ball stuff that I get from fake kinetic sand, it could potentially be a lot of fun to play with, but it’s guaranteed to make a great big mess (I can just see little Styrofoam-balls going absolutely everywhere). So I figured I’d get a separate mess-tray from Daiso before I test this one out. But, I would like to point out that Baby Robot does a video on Harmful Stims, and mentions these gooey Styrofoam-balls and fake kinetic sand as one of their prefered stims.

Image Description: top to bottom, a long dark-blue string key-chain intertwined with a rainbow spectrum of beads, a lighter-blue string with a metallic rainbow spectrum of beads and a small chrome circle with pink-white-purple-white-pink beads
I really love these, the beads and strings are interconnected, you can push the beads along the string like a rainbow progress-bar you can hold in your hands. You can also roll the beads around in circles. Thus far, I really seem to enjoy the beaded stim toys, I take these items with me everywhere in either my handbag (which goes inside my messenger bag) or inside my Stim Toy bag (which also goes inside of my messenger bag, the Stim Toy bag is a new development). I hate going to doctor appointments and having to sit in the waiting room, surrounded by the constant barrage of noise, but I was able to pull out my beads and force myself to focus on getting the beads from one end of the string to the other.

Image Description: fake kinetic sand with three bright pink kinetic sand molds, they resemble miniature pots for tiny plants
As with the gooey Styrofoam-balls , I have been itching to get the fake kinetic sand out and play with it, especially now that I have a small pink container and and small yellow container of it. However, I know the moment I open these container, I will put sand and crap absolutely everywhere, courtesy of my ultra clumsiness. So, I’m going to head into Daiso and get a specially designated tray for it (“You’ll need a tray”).

Image Description: a bright-pink eraser in the shape of a string currently folded into a vague pretzel shape
This apparently an eraser, though I doubt I will use that for the intended purpose, it can be tied up like a pretzel or knotted, which is good because I’m sort of good at undoing knots and tangles, I mean, it may take me a while, but it’ll be done.

Image Description: two small bath toys, left to right, a purple and robin's egg blue water-can and a a yellow and pink flower with a bright-pink pot. you can use them to blow at people or yourself.
If you’ll check out the link above titled “Squishy Bath Toys”, you’ll be most informed. I’ve noticed that the water can is easier to squish than the flower, but both are good for puffing air (my cat’s expression when I puff air at him is most amusing). These also might make great toys I take with me when I visit my sister and my niece. My sister has already begun to amass a collection of Rubber Duckies, which of course gives me the impulse to add to this collection. Thus far, I had contributed a green NVida Rubber Duck, which does look a little odd along side the other standard yellow rubber duckies of various sizes, so I’ll have to get more colourful rubber duckies or other bath toys (you know, so the green one doesn’t feel lonely).

Image Description: a bright yellow bouncy ball
I love bouncy balls, I was obsessed with them as a kid and as a teenager (I hate hacky-sack: far too much hand eye co-ordination involved), bouncy balls, on the other hand, are brightly coloured and usually easy to track where they land, providing you don’t throw them too hard (try not to throw them too hard, I know this can be difficult to gauge, also don’t play with them at train stations or near train tracks).

Image Description: a small diamond of soft fuzzy fabric
Lincraft where having a special and Kim was able to pick up some fabric. I quite enjoy it; it’s so fuzzy!

Image Description: a bright-pink nubbly Yoobi coin-purse
I really like this a lot, I love the texture of it but also the bright pink colour, which makes it easy to find in my messenger bag, in fact I’ve been looking into buying some more, but unfortunately my local target doesn’t have them, I’ll have to check my nearby K-mart instead, which might be better for me as it’s open twenty-four hours and I can use my discount card there as well.

Image Description: It's not obvious from the photo, which is a photo of a tube made of cloth, but there's a round object in the tube and you can push it around in a loop
This is interesting, not just because it take mental effort to find the small round object and push it around, but the fabric is *flannelette (like the shirts). I adore fresh cotton sheets on the bed, when I’ve just applied fresh sheets and I’m climbing into bed at the end of the day, I have to resist the urge to roll around in the bed, which I know sounds super weird, but meh. Flannel sheets are good, flannel pj’s are also good, but I can’t wear flannel pj’s with flannel sheets (it just doesn’t work).

Image Description: a small rectangle-shaped teal-coloured fuzzy bean-bag scented with citrus essential oil
I love the smell of this one, *it’s apparently lavender scented (I have a purple one with stars which smells like lavender). I like to keep it in a separate bag to keep the scent for as long as possible.

Image Description: Nubbly Hedgehog cleaning sponge (from Daiso) that's been filled with stuffing and scented with citrus-scented essential oil. It has an adorable little happy face
I love hedgehogs, they are freaking adorable, and hedgehogs are also amazing little critters. They’re nocturnal and they live underground and because of their protective quills, they can pretty much do whatever they want. In fact, if a snake is foolish enough to venture into a hedgehog’s den/nest, the hedgehog can essentially chase down its prey and attack the snake when it’s been exhausted.

Did I mention they are freaking adorable? So yeah, I love this little Hedgehug plushie, it has a cute little smiley face on it and little hands (and it’s also *lavender scented). The fronds though are my favourite part, they’re very much like the Yoobi coin-purse fronds, and it’s very soothing to run for me to run my hands over it (usually in a back and forth pattern).

Image Description: Two smiley-face stress-ball facing off against each other
“This Couch ain’t big enough for the two of Us.”

Not sure if I mentioned this last time, but Kim gave me another smiley face stress-ball, I intend on amassing a horde of them and perhaps taking a photo of them with the caption “We Are Legion”, although I’m sure it’s been done before.

The Tag describes the item as
This is Squishy

Now, Kim didn’t give me this, I’ve had Squishy for years, but I figured seeing as Squishy is bright pink, mentioning Squishy would work with the theme. Now the fun part about Squishy is that you can put all of Squishy’s arms and legs into their torso (which is pretty amusing), then you thump the torso and the limbs all pop out *manic laughter* It’s great.

So yeah… That’s my Stim Toy collection thus far. If readers want to comment or talk about their preferred type of stimming or what their favourite type of stim toy is, the comment section is just down below and feel free to tell me. Also, I was thinking that articles on Stim Toys are great and some readers will prefer these discussions in text format, but I was also thinking about demonstrating with stim toys or discussions with Stim Toys in video format. Which one would be preferred? Video or Text? Let me know in the comments section down below.

Also, unrelated side note, the blog Everything Esty is doing a free Christmas Printables blog-post, unfortunately, it’s a Northern-Hemisphere-centered idea of Christmas (so if you’re an Australian like me, the snow-people and snow-flake images will induce eye-rolling), but I found a few of them helpful.

~Fuck Yeah, Stimming! – What Is Stimming?

~Fuck Yeah, Stimming! – Types of Stimming

~The Stimming Checklist: So, what is Stimming?

~Baby Robot: The Joy of Stimming (Youtube video)

~Amythest Schaber: Ask an Autistic #1 – What is Stimming? (Youtube video)

~Amythest Schaber: Living Atypically – Self-Injurious Stims (Youtube video)

~The Aspie World: Hand Flapping and Stimming (Youtube video)

2 thoughts on “My Treasure Chest – Part 2: A Study in Pink

  1. I’m pretty sure that everything I gave you is lavender scented, even the fuzzy aqua bean bag. Not saying that I didn’t make a mistake, but since lavender was a scent I knew you’d tolerate, I never *intended* to go off book, so to speak. (Speaking as somebody who knows what it means to be tormented by the wrong scent.)

    The bags come from Officeworks, so you’ll likely have better luck there. I haven’t seen anything similar in the stationery sections of K-Mart et al (and I haunt my local K-Mart, seriously). But if you want more of them, I’ve got a few – I bought a whole heap and stashed them while they were cheap. (I’m not a hoarder. I’m a dragon. An autistic dragon who sleeps on a bed of stim toys. Dragons are *the* most autistic fantastic creatures ever.) I can bring some up Friday.

    The marble loop is flannelette, actually. Same stuff as flanno shirts and sheets. And I find flanno PJ pants stick to flanno sheets, especially new-washed flanno sheets, and this actually causes me pretty severe discomfort.

    I wouldn’t watch a video, but I don’t enjoy watching visual tutorials, especially if it’s combined with not-crisp audio. (I only head to YouTube when I really can’t find what I want in text format – as in desperation.) I’m fully aware that the rest of the world, oddly enough, doesn’t have the combination of non-existent auditory processing and inability to visualise/decreased visual sensibility…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lavender: Thanks for that, I’ll amend the post so that it’s all lavender scented instead.

      Yoobi coin purse: That’s a shame, it even says it on their website that you can find them at Target, I’ll have to check out Office-works instead. Dragons are awesome and hording of Stationary items is the best kind of horde, but then again, this is coming from the person who compulsively buys stationary items so there may be some bias there.

      Video: Fair enough on the video but that does remind me that I should do some audio testing on my camera, there’s no point making videos if the audio quality is poor.
      Thank you for commenting, you didn’t have to, but I’m glad you did 🙂


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