My Treasure Chest – Part 3: Squish

A collection of Stim-toys, I will go into greater detail within the post; but there's play-doh, telephone chord hair-ties and hedgehog frond sponges
Yet another Stim-Toy post, I quite enjoy writing up these posts and I can only hope my readers also enjoy this kind of thing (especially with Christmas coming up).
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Image Description: left to right, a squishable red apple, in the center a small squishable duck, on the right-hand side a small square slice of tofu with green on the top (I should also like to add that the tofu square is also squishable)
I bought these for Kim over E-bay, I managed to get free delivery for them (which is great) but they take ages to arrive *incomprehensible noises of frustration*. But I suppose the bulk of the enjoyment stems from the anticipation of the thing rather than the thing itself.

Image Description: frond sponges that look like hedgehogs, from right to left, a orange hedgehog frond sponge and a yellow hedgehog frond sponge
I was hoping to get a trifecta of pink-orange-and-yellow hedgehog sponges, but I could only get the orange and yellow at the Highpoint Daiso, I’ll have to check the Melbourne CBD Daiso (I’ll find the pink eventually).

Image Description: two four packs of play-doh in multiple colours
Now, my local Target is having a “special” on play-doh, little individual tubs for $2 and two packs for $4, but I noticed the four packs for $7, so I grabbed a couple for Kim. So, now is probably the time to stock up on play-doh, especially since December is fast approaching. I’m the type of person who truly hates crowds and thus do most of my Christmas shopping either at my local bookstore (who I can order books from via email) or buys gifts via online shopping, if you’re the same as me, I’d probably recommend shopping on a Tuesday as most of the time Tuesday is a quiet day.

Image Description: a large pink bubble wand from Target
I bought this from Target as well for $1, they have other colours such as yellow and blue, just in case readers are not as enthusiastic about pink as I am. I don’t know how this colour-theme occurred, but the colour pink appears to be slowly but surely taking over my house.

Image Description: a lanyard made of a rainbow scale of beads and pink cord
I really like these lanyards, I currently have this pink one attached to one of the zippers on my Nightmare Before Christmas messenger bag, the cord is a little tight for moving the beads up and down, but it’s perfect for rolling, this way I can play with the lanyard on my way to work.

Image Description: left to right, a yellow/green Yoobi coin purse and a blue Yoobi coin purse
I love the feel of these, the only problem with them is that they’re small on the inside, however I’m sure I’ll find a purpose for them, even if’s just to put them on my hands and make zombie impressions at my partner. For those who have an Office-works nearby, you can also buy Yoobi stationary from the Office-works website, and then select the “click and collect” option.

Image Description: two sky-blue moulds for fake kinetic sand
Image Description: two sky-blue moulds for fake kinetic sand
Kim recently gave me these, and these are fake kinetic sand moulds (or at least I assume that’s what they are),

Image Description: a packet of fake kinetic moulding clay
Kim also recently gave this to me, it’s fake kinetic clay, it’s like fake kinetic sand except more stable and less inclined to go absolutely everywhere, it was fascinating to watch Kim pull it apart and put it back together again.

Image Description: a shiny plain-black tray
I bought the plain black tray for $2.80 from Highpoint Daiso, they had round ones there, but I prefer a rectangle shaped tray, it’s kind of like I’m creating a brightly-coloured zen-beach thing, despite the fact that I hate the beach (I know, an Australian who hates going to the beach, it doesn’t gel with the national stereotype, but I assure you, it makes perfect sense to me).

Image Description: a collection of squishy foam objects in a bag and a chrome metal wrong with three foam objected embedded on it
Kim got me these and I can’t help but think that they look like squishy slices of pizza or squishy slices of watermelon.

Image Description: a collection of squishable fish in a white plastic net
I bought two packs of these on Kim’s recommendation from the Coles Supermarket I work at for $4.35 each, when I was asked by a college why I was buying squishable fish, I went with my prepared excuse that I was buying them for my niece, which is technically true as I did intentionally buy a pack for my niece (I also bought her a set of cute pj’s), but yeah, fishes shall be squished.

Image Description: a collection of telephone-cord hair-ties
Kim got me these from K-Mart and I’ll probably use them as bracelets, I only have one telephone cord on one wrist at the moment and would prefer to have three on each wrist (which probably sounds silly, but it’s what I like)

Image Description: three bouncy balls, left to right, one that's red and yellow, one that's pink and white, one that's blue and green swirls.
Bouncy Balls! Oh What Fun We Shall Have!

Image Description: a black and white checked snake puzzle in a plastic box
I’ve never played with a snake puzzle before, apparently you can obtain these from K-mart for $1, but you can also get coloured ones from Smiggle (but they’re more expensive at Smiggle).

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