Stim Toy Quest: Sensory Oasis for Kids

Image Description: a picture of a grey sword, the hilt of the sword is in the bottom left corner so that the blade of the sword is pointed towards the upper right corner. There is rain bow text in the white space of the image, “Stim Toy” in the upper left corner and “Quest” in the bottom right corner.

Kim has also written a Tumblr post about our quest, here’s the link for it:
~Stim Toy Box: Stim Toy Haul from Sensory Oasis for Kids

On last Wednesday, Kim and I partook in a Stim Toy Quest, we travelled to Footscray and caught the 411 Bus (according to PTV you can also catch the 412 Bus as well) to Altona. We asked the bus driver for directions and clarifications, which naturally resulted in us getting off at the wrong stop, wandering around the Altona Refinery, than wandering around in a large car-park before we found the right place. But we got there in the end and, despite the trouble it took to get there, I would definitely consider it worthy of the effort.

One of the awesome things about the store is there is so much to touch and look at. While Kim talked to Jody about the store and the difficulties of obtaining Stim Toys in Australia, I pretty much lurked in the background, touching all the things. With the exception of the Chewigem chewable jewellery display, there’s a touchable version of everything, which is great.

Although I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to picking up items and touching them, it was a relief to know it was okay, even expected, for me to do so. I’ve been into a few Toyworld stores and I’ve had the customer service people give me weird looks when I investigate stuff and blank stares when I’ve made inquiries about items such as Tangles, so it was great to be around people who were not only enthusiastic about Stim Toys, but knowledgeable about them as well.

These are the items I bought:
Image Description: a silver Twiddle puzzle inside a transparently clear box.
Price: AU $12.95

Image Description: a Rainbow Glitter Baton. A long plastic tube with rainbow coloured segments along it with silver glitter inside it.
Price: AU $3.95

Image Description: Dancing Rainbow Ribbons. It's the back of the packet, which displays a wooden circle, which has a rainbow collection of ribbons and a silver belles attached to the wooden ring.
Price: AU $12.95

Image Description: smiley face stress-ball. A stress-ball that resembles a yellow smiley face.
Price: AU $1.95

Image Description: wooden puzzle stick. It's a puzzle currently in the shape of vertical line, with seperately coloured components are are all connected, the components are coloured individually as yellow-orange-teal green-navy blue-white-red-yellow-orange-teal green-navy blue-white-red.
Price: AU $2.95

Sensory Oasis for Kids
Social Media:
~Facebook Page

36 Lobelia Drive, Altona North, VIC 3025

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9.00 am til 5.00 pm
Friday: 9.00 am til 4.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am til 2.00 pm


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