Things Kim Has Made: Weighted Plushies and Bean-Bags

Image Description: a title-picture with four black sewing-buttons in each corner, in the centre of the picture is the text “Things Kim Has Made” in rainbow word-art text.

I’m finding that the My Treasure Chest series of blog-posts aren’t working for me, mostly because they end up being super long posts due to all the photos, which results in a huge list of photo items I have to describe. So, I figured if I break the Stim Toys down into smaller categories, that might make it more manageable. I have so many Stim Toys I want to talk about, but one of my favourite types are weighted items, like weighted soft toys or weighted bean-bags.

Image Description: a small bean bag made from grey, white and black tiger-print fur on one side and white-stars-on-purple flannelette on the other. It sits on top of light-grey and dark-grey striped blanket.

This is one is rectangle-shaped and it’s lavender-scented, I love the dual-fabric of this bean-bag, the white and black tiger-print fur is soft and fuzzy to touch, but I also like the feel of the white-stars-on-purple flannelette as well.

Image Description: a triangle-shaped bean-bag with a yellow tag at the end. The fabric is an olive green colour with brown monkeys printed on them.
Image Description: a triangle-shaped bean-bag with a green tag at the end. The fabric is orange with prints of Halloween creatures in numbered race cars. Think along the lines of Hanna Barbera Wacky Races meets The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Both these bean-bags are triangle-shaped and unscented, which is something I was super happy about. While I do enjoy and appreciate how Kim scents most of my items with lavender, the problem is that because those bean-bags are scented, I can’t take them outside the house, this is due to the fact that it could cause problems with people who have chemical sensitivities. While I like both of them, I’ve decided to put the second one in my on-the-go stim-toy-bag, the Halloween-style print is adorable and matches my Nightmare Before Christmas messenger-bag.

Image Description: a picture of Flossy (short for Fairy-Floss). Flossy is a light-pink chenille-duster that has had two black buttons and a red tongue attached, Flossy sits on top of light-grey and dark-grey striped blanket

This is Flossy (short for Fairy-Floss). Flossy is super soft to touch and if it weren’t for the fact I’m afraid of getting cat fur all over both of them, I’d probably carry Flossy and Contessa with me around the house (despite my best efforts, I still need to apply the lint-roller to Contessa on a regular basis). There’s just something incredibly soothing about patting Flossy, the lavender scent combining with the softness to make the process very stimmy and enjoyable.

If you’re looking into weighted plushies, I’d recommend a DIY attempt with a chenille duster or chenille mop-head. You can buy them online from K-Mart for AU $3 and as they’re cheap and easy to find, it doesn’t matter if you mess it up, you can always try again.

Image Description: a picture of Carrie. Carrie is a polar-bear weighted-plushie with a light-blue and pink party hat, pink blush-circles on both cheeks, wearing a stripped pink and green scarf with mulit-coloured triangles on her stomach. Carrie sits on top of a lime-green blanket.

This is Carrie, named in honour of Carrie Fisher. Kim informed me that they found Carrie in the Christmas themed section in K-Mart. I find this marketing campaign rather questionable, I mean, New Years Eve themed I could possibly understand, but Christmas themed? How the fuck is pink and green Christmas-themed? Regardless, this doesn’t make Carrie any less adorable, in fact it’s probably a good thing as I’m not a big fan of Christmas-themed things.

Image Description: a collection of weighted plushies sitting in an upright position on my navy-blue and golden fleur-de-lis patterned couch. From left to right, Daisy (yellow hedgehog sponge from Daiso), Carrie (a questionable Christmas-themed polar-bear), Contessa (pink-cat plushie with a yellow crown), Poppy (pink hedgehog sponge From Daiso) and in the center is Flossy (a light-pink chenille-duster with two black buttons and a red tongue attached)

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