Stim Toy Review: Glow In The Dark Tangle

Image Description: a Glow In The Dark Tangle made of transparent yellow plastic loosely coiled up together on top of a purple sleeping bag.
Image Description: a Glow In The Dark Tangle made of transparent yellow plastic spread out so that it takes the form of a small slightly lopsided circle.

Item: Glow In The Dark Tangle

Category: Review/Feedback

Cost: GBP $1.88 or AU $3.41 (Price includes Shipping Fees)

Date of Purchase: 29/04/2017

Date of Delivery: 23/05/2017

Store: Ebay UK

My Location: Australia

Review – My Problems with the GITD Tangle:
~Problem 1: While I don’t expect the Tangle to glow neon-bright, the Glow In The Dark element (in my opinion) is unacceptably weak, and it only became acceptably bright when I put the Tangle directly on top of a Lamp and left it there for a couple of hours (this is because I forgot about it and, as a safety precaution, I don’t recommend people do this). Due to the weakness of the glow, I was also unable to take photographs of as well, so this could be purely a subjective thing and I’m sorry I can’t provide more information on this.

~Problem 2: As you might be able to guess from the picture up the top, the Tangle links are very loose, in fact, the tangle is so loosey-goosey that the moment I coil it up and put it down, it starts unravelling. As I have a personal preference for stiffer or tighter Tangles, this may just be a problem for me, but I felt I should mention it.

~Problem 3: The tangle itself feels greasy and I find this really off putting. I feel as though I would be willing to tolerate the loose links and sub-par glowing, but I truly dislike the greasy/oily coating on the tangle, which makes me want to wash my hands straight after I handle it or avoid handling it altogether (which sort of defeats the purpose of purchasing the item).

All in all, I honestly can’t recommend this particular Tangle, however, it cost less than AU $5, so I’m guessing that this simply an occupational risk of purchasing from the cheaper end of the Stim Toy Spectrum.

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~Stim Toy Box: Glow In The Dark Tangles by Mod K.A.
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