Stim Toy Review: Starry Night Fidget Spinner

Image Description: a blue fidget spinner inside it’s box, which is purple and decorated with white dots that resemble stars, there is a white bar-code stuck across the front of the box.

Image Description: a blue fidget-spinner decorated with white dots that resemble stars

Item: Fidget Spinner – Blue Starry Sky

Category: Review/Feedback

Cost: AU $4.09 (Shipping Fees: Free Shipping)

Date of Purchase: 29/05/2017

Date of Delivery: 09/06/2017

Store: Banggood (China)

Location: Australia

I bought this for Novel Research purposes (it seems like the type of stim toy that James would have), however, I was also curious to see what kind of quality Banggood’s Fidget Spinners were. Kim acquired on my behalf a plain blue spinner, a blue-camo spinner and a black batman spinner, and while the blue spinners are great and work fine, the batman spinner is rougher and less smooth. While my smoothest spinner is my green and silver fidget spinner, however, the Starry Night spinner is just as smooth as my other blue ones and works just as well. I’m actually rather happy with my Starry Night Fidget Spinner, however, I believe the postage could possibly be improved (there’s not much padding between the packaging and the fidget spinner), I will have to order more just to make sure, quality control purposes and such (Mwuhahahaha).

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