Stationery Quest: Miniso at Highpoint

Image Description: A banner-image of a sword, presented in a diagonal fashion, with the hilt of the blade in the lower-left corner and the tip of the blade in the upper-right corner. In the upper-left corner is pink text reading “Stationery” and in the lower-right corner is pink text reading “Quest”.

I enjoy Stationery. I enjoy the selection process, I enjoy researching it, and I enjoy the pursuit of obtaining stationery, however, I dislike leaving my house. I generally like to avoid leaving my house most of the time, but this mindset is especially strong during the months of Australian Summer. You see, contrary to Australian stereotypes, Heat and I do not mix well.

But then, in my clumsiness, I stepped on my really-good USB cable, the cable that charged my phone and Kobo eReader and bent it out of shape. Then I remembered that K.A. had recently purchased a new multi-use recharging-cable and an adorable Penguin Lap Pad from Miniso

But I had never been to a Miniso store before and there were a lot of unknown variables. I didn’t know if it was worth the time it would take to get there. I didn’t know if Miniso had a consistent selection of stationery items or if it was more like Daiso. With Daiso stores, the general layout of each store is similar, but there’s a slight difference in stock availability. This can be frustrating if you’re after a specific item.

The resulting conclusion was that I needed more information. So, I decided it was time, time for another Quest, except this time, it would be a Quest… for Stationery, a Stationery Quest!

Image Description: this is the store-front of Miniso, located at Highpoint Shopping centre, it’s a mostly white store (exterior and interior). The exception is the company logo which is a red-gift-bag with the text “Miniso :)”.

Image Description: a display with two rows of stationery sets. The top row displays a stationery set in a plastic container in the shape of a doughnut. The stationery items (bulldog clips, paper-clips, etc) are all pink. The bottom row displays a different collection of stationery kits, this one is square with smaller square compartments. The stationery items are black and grey.

Image Description: a large store display of pens with a wide range of coloured pen lids.

Image Description: a wooden shelf-display with five rows, all the rows display a different type of blank notebook.

Miniso has this design theme called “We Bare Bears”, the design appears to consist of three bear characters: a panda bear, a polar bear, and a grizzly bear. The bears are cute, and I’ll acknowledge my weakness for a good pun, however, this bear design is everywhere. There on stationery items like notebooks (down below).

Image Description: Miniso has this design called “We Bare Bears”, it features a panda bear, a polar bear, and a grizzly bear. The picture displays a collection of blank notebooks that display the three bear’s faces on them.

But the “We Bare Bears” design is on a whole bunch of stuff. I mean, there’s the obvious stuff, like bear plushies and tote-bags, but there’s other stuff that doesn’t seem related, such as cleansing pore strips and cable ties.

To be honest, I found the Highpoint store a little lacking in Stationery Items, I intend to check out the Miniso at the Docklands location to see if there’s a wider selection there. On the plus side, I found this ring-binder notebook, which I quite like, so that’s something.

Image Description: a picture of a transparent ring-binder notebook laying on top of my kitchen bench.

There’s quite a few stim toys and stim accessories available. There’s a selection of puzzles available (if that’s your thing):

Image Description: a display of puzzle toys that resemble Rubix-cubes but instead if they were in the shape of a triangle.

Image Description: three rows of Rubix-cube like puzzles. The top row of cube puzzles is gold coloured, the middle row of cube puzzles are silver coloured, and the bottom row are puzzle cubes in primary-colours

I think where Miniso does well is in the wide selection of plushies it has on offer, such as The Wall of Ducks.

Image Description: a close-up picture of three wooden rows of shelving. On the rows of shelving are large plushy cushions that resemble ducks and/or chickens.

Now, the website says they’re chickens, but they look like ducks to me. They were so soft and fuzzy. There was also this cute fox plush-toy as well.

So, what do you think? Do they look like Ducks or Chickens? Did you like the selection of Stationery on offer? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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  1. Now that Ive seen posts on your blog titled “stationery quest” Im immediately following you. In elementary and middle school my obsession and love for stationery started and my classmates thought it was weird and they would always spell it stationary

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