Stationery Quest: Daiso at Highpoint

Image Description: A banner-image of a sword, presented in a diagonal fashion, with the hilt of the blade in the lower-left corner and the tip of the blade in the upper-right corner. In the upper-left corner is pink text reading “Stationery” and in the lower-right corner is pink text reading “Quest”.

Miniso has an alright range of stationery, but I feel it does better in the giftwares/housewares area. It also has a big electronics section like recharging cables, phone cases, and headphones (the headphones do look rather tempting).

So with Miniso, I found the small selection a little underwhelming, however, if you’re looking for cheap Stationery Items, I would have to recommend Daiso instead. Daiso has the superior Stationery Item range (I shall provide photos), and it also has a great range of Arts and Crafts materials as well (but that is a post for another time).

Image Description: an image of the glass-display store-front of Daiso, Highpoint.

Image Description: an aisle display of plastic document holders, ring-binder folders and other document storage items.

Image Description: a display of various colourful stickers and black and white stickers

Image Description: a display of pencil cases and storage pockets of various sizes and colours

Image Description: a display of blank notebooks in various sizes and colours

Image Description: a display of general stationery items such as bulldog clips, highlighters, staples and staplers, letter writing documents, sticker labels, and study flashcards.

Image Description: a large display of a varied selection of pens

Image Description: two pens that are white in colour with a pen cap that resembles a duck. One pen has a red colour theme and the other pen has a black colour theme

As much as I love the sheer variety of items available, Daiso does have the problem of being overwhelming and I find myself easily distracted. In order to reduce impulse purchasing, it helps me to have a list of specific items I require.

5 thoughts on “Stationery Quest: Daiso at Highpoint

  1. I go to Daiso all the time for stationery and once in a while I’ll find something perfect and then a week later it’s gone. Im also very picky about my notebooks (they have to be graph paper woth lines that are not too dark and not perforated 5 mm double ring etc etc…). Based on your pictures your Daiso is wayyy higher quality than the ones I find. Im jealous.


    1. While I adore Daiso, I’ve found that inconsistency is a big flaw. There have been occasions where it has sometimes taken me months of searching in three different Daiso stores to find a particular Daiso item I’m looking for. I’ve only just found out that Daiso has flat washi tape as well. I’ve found some raised coloured tape in the Arts and Crafts section before, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. There’s nothing wrong with being particular about your stationery items and knowing what you like and dislike. While I love my leuchtturm1917 notebook, I have noticed some bleed-through on the pages. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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