Monthly Overview: February 2018

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Monthly Goals – Writing:
~Write One Weekend Notes Article per month
~Write One Recipe Yum Article per month
Yeah, I didn’t manage to do any of these, which means I need to write 1 x Weekend Notes Article and 3 x Recipe Yum articles by the end of March. I still think I can do this. I have the recipe’s picked out, they’re relatively simple, however, I’ve never done them before, so I suspect some mistakes will be made.

~Write a minimal 4 x Blog Posts per month
I actually managed to do this, my posting wasn’t scheduled or consistent in any manner, but an accomplished goal is still accomplished.

~Film, Edit and publish 4 x Vlog Posts per month
I had so many videos planned for February, I wanted to review the Dr Tony Hill and Carol Jordon books I’ve read, and I felt discussing them in video format would be the better alternative. Unfortunately, due to the fact that, over the course of February, I’ve had to attend a funeral in Wentworth and I’ve been too busy looking for a job.

With regards to video production, the productive routine and habits I established in January were disrupted, and I haven’t been able to get myself back into it. I’ve also found myself kind of stuck, I want to make my videos accessible with closed captions, however, because of my lack of employment, the cost of services like Trint are difficult to justify on my current budget.

Monthly Goals – Reading:
~Read and Review two books per month
I managed to read and review one book this month, it’s not great considering I’m setting myself such a low bar, but I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m planning on writing a book review for Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, however, I want to wait until I’ve watched the movie adaptation as well, this way I can attach a “Book vs Movie” component in my review.

I’ve also made a list of books in the Crime genre and a list of books in the Contemporary in my Bujo. I’m going to try and read and review this list of books by the end of the year, I doubt that this will happen, but I’m going to attempt it. I’ve managed to read and review five books on the Crime list thus far.

I’ve also made a large booklist of books with Mental Illness themes and Disability themes. I’ve sorted the books into genres and into audience categories (Adult, New Adult, and Young Adult). I’ve noticed that a large selection of the Mental Illness and Disability books tend to fit into the Contemporary and Young Adult categories. I need to expand my genre selection.

~Read at least one chapter every day
I failed abysmally at this. Either I read nothing or I read chapters from three different books. There is no in between. I have a Habit Tracker in my Bujo that monitors Daily Reading and I’ve noticed that I’m better at reading consistently when I’m reading audiobooks. The Quarterly Reading Progress pages have been helpful. I’ll most likely use it for the next quarter as well.

Tasks to Complete by the end of The Quarter:
~DnD: Read The Player’s Handbook and Revenge of The Giants
~DnD: Design two Character Profiles
~DnD: Find a local place to play DnD
I haven’t managed to do any of these done and I doubt that I’ll be able complete them by the end of March.

How To ADHD:
~How to Get Comfortable in the Kitchen ft Hannah Hart!
~Why Routines Are More Helpful Than New Years’ Resolutions
~How to Rebuild Your Routines When Everything Changes
~How to Create a New Habit: Note From Future Self

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