Stim Toy Review: Pink Fluffy Slime

Image Description: a small zip-lock bag displayed on a white surface, the zip-lock bag is a rectangular shape and is filled with pink fluffy slime.

Item: DIY Fluffy Slime – Hot Pink

Category: Review/Feedback

Cost: AU $1.99 (Shipping Fees: Free Shipping)

Date of Purchase: 06/11/2017

Date of Delivery: 20/11/2017

Store: eBay – Unfortunately the item is no longer available on eBay, so I’m linking to the seller: love.tone

Location: China

When it first arrived, I will admit it that the slime package was smaller than I expected.

This is the picture on eBay

Image Description: a white hand holding a large swirl of bright-pink fluffy slime in their hand over a bathroom sink

This is what it looked like when it arrived

Image Description: a small zip-lock bag displayed on a white tray surface, the zip-lock bag is a rectangular shape and is filled with pink fluffy slime.

However, as I only paid two dollars for it (for comparison, Brain Putty at Kmart is AU $8 at the moment), I don’t mind. If you’re not sure if you’ll like something, smaller packages are probably the better investment.

I’ve had this Fluffy Slime for a while now (four months to be precise), however, I may have completely forgotten about it. I was concerned about mold (which wasn’t a problem) and how to store the item once I had removed it from the zip-lock bag (I’ve placed it in a small air-tight plastic container, you can buy them from Coles supermarkets). Once those problems had been resolved, I was intrigued as to how I would review the Fluffy Slime, which turned out to be not so fluffy or slimy. I would describe the texture of the slime to be more like play-dough, it’s a sold and easy to mold, it’s not slippery at all. I decided to make a short video of me handling the item (located down below).

The item does have a faint fruity scent to it, however, I could barely smell it on the slime and only noticed it on my hands after I had packed the slime away. As stated previously, it wasn’t very slimy, I was expecting it to feel like shaving cream, however, the texture felt more like play-dough. I was expecting the slime to messy and difficult to put back into a container, but I was wrong on both accounts.

As a general stim toy, I’d be happy to recommend this item, but if you wanted something gooier, you might need to look at another item. I’m not very knowledgeable about Slime in general, so if this is an area of interest, I would recommend checking out Stim Toy Box. There are links down below for more information.

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