Stim Accessories: Micro Flannel Throw Blanket

Image Description: A picture of a black fuzzy-blanket bundled up in a square with white velcro-straps, these straps are threaded through a cardboard square with the text “Rugged Up. Micro Flannel Throw 3D Embossed Double Sided. 120 x 150cm”. The square bundle is sitting on a navy blue couch with an alternating pattern of dark yellow fleur-de-lis pattern and a maroon red pattern.

Image Description: a black fuzzy-blanket laid out on a flat surface. The black fuzzy blanket has a swirly geometric pattern repeating all across the blanket.

Item: Micro Flannel Throw Blanket (120 x 150cm)

Category: Review/Feedback

Cost: AU $19.99

Date of Purchase: Last Winter

Date of Delivery: N/A

Store: Foodworks

Store Location: Australia

I meant to review this last winter when I got it, but I put this blanket away in a “safe place”, which meant I completely forgot about it. Or at least this was the case until I started moving stuff around in my bedroom. I figured better late than never. After all, it’s supposed to be Autumn now in Australia, which means Winter will get here eventually (maybe?).

I like the blanket, it’s incredibly fuzzy and it’s very enjoyable to run my hands across it. The texture of the blanket-pattern is very stimmy, however, the pattern is only on one side of the blanket.

Unfortunately, the blanket is shorter than I expected, I would have preferred a fuzzy-blanket that covered all of me. The blanket just covers my legs. The blanket is also prone to static electricity. I accidentally zapped myself twice taking photos.

This type of blanket is also a magnet for cat fur, I have a long-haired cat myself, and I only had the blanket in the living room a few minutes before my cat noticed the blanket’s existence. Naturally, he wanted to rub his face and appendages all over it (as cats are want to do).

It was then that I discovered that the blanket is also, what I would consider, on the thin side. I could easily feel my cat’s claws through the blanket. I might consider adding backing to the plain-side of the blanket for extra thickness, but I’m unsure about this, I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, while I like the blanket, I can’t honestly say I’d recommend it, definitely not at the price I paid for it. Similar to the Kmart Mermaid Sequin Mermaid Tail Blanket (link down below), I feel as though this blanket was designed more so for children rather than adults.

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