Book Review: Giant Days – Volume 7 by John Allison

Image Description: book-cover of Giant Days, volume 7 by John Allison. The cover has a noir-style black and white theme. The top half of the cover has titles and creator credits in white text. The background of the image is a giant black and white film-scene clapper. Underneath the text, and in between the film-scene clappers, is Esther (holding the two halves of the film-clapper open) in a glamorous black dress, fish-net stockings, and combat boots.

Title: Giant Days, Volume 7
Creator: John Allison (author), Max Sarin (illustrations), Whitney Cogar (colourist), Liz Fleming (inker)
Social Media: Goodreads
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Format and Price: Paperback from my local library
Stars: 5 stars out of 5

About The Creators:
John Allison: John Allison is the author and artist of the British webcomics Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery.

Max Sarin: Freelance illustrator and comic artist goofing around and enjoying life.

Whitney Cogar: Whitney Cogar is a freelance illustrator based in Savannah, Georgia. She specializes in sequential art, such as comics and storyboards. She is a colourist for the 2017 Steven Universe comic series and has also done storyboards and art assets for the film “The Conspirator” as well as art assets for the film “X-Men: First Class”.

Liz Fleming: Liz Fleming is an award-winning travel writer who writes a weekly and a monthly travel column for The Toronto Star, regular features for Cruise and Travel Lifestyles Magazine and a travel column for

About The Book:
Esther, Susan, and Daisy continue to face the rigours of young adulthood in this Eisner-nominated series.

Fast friends Susan, Daisy, and Esther continue their second year at Sheffield University, and these are formative times, indeed. Education and looking ahead to the future isn’t all that college holds in-store for these ladies–grocery store protests, family reunions, and even an MMORPG wedding are all on this semester’s docket.

John Allison (Bad Machinery, Scary Go Round) and illustrators Max Sarin and Liz Fleming, take us to Sophomore year’s second semester in Giant Days Volume 7, which collects Issues #25-28 of the Eisner Nominated series.

General Observation:
~Character Development – Daisy: It’s so amusing and so sweet to watch Daisy struggle and grow in her relationship with Ingrid. Ingrid is hilarious in her stark-contrast to Daisy. The wall-mural was so funny for so many reasons: the chosen subjects, the art style, and the lack of self-awareness involved. It’s brilliant. Ingrid just seems to rub up against people in a fascinating way. I adored the way Esther turned into Team Mum when Ingrid showed up (Susan did want Esther to be more adult-like). It also helps that Ingrid makes a good point some of the time.

~Family Backstory – Susan: I liked finding out about Susan’s family background and history. I liked that her parent’s issues weren’t neatly solved as soon as Susan pointed out that her Dad should talk to her Mum about their problems. You could see where both sides were coming from. Susan’s mum also made a fair point about all the work women are expected to do over the Christmas period. The situation may have been dragged out for a little longer than it should have, however, I didn’t mind and the humour made it worthwhile.

~The Impact of Friendship: I really enjoy reading about Daisy-Esther-and-Susan’s friendship, how they support each other, and how they try to help each other get through their “Giant Days”, however, I also love McGraw and Ed’s friendship as well. They support each other and care about each other. The absence of hyper-aggressive/toxic elements of masculinity is so enjoyable (this shouldn’t be a novelty but it is). McGraw and Ed work well together, they balance each other out, and I think Dean Thompson (while obnoxious at times) is a good catalyst for change.

All in all, this issue felt more cohesive than the last issue, there was definitely a more solid thread of character development and over-arching plot, well at least in comparison to the last volume. I enjoyed this volume and I’m intrigued by what the next volume has in store (especially for Susan).

Available for Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository | Kobo Books

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