Stim Stationery: Pom Pom Pen

Image Description: The background of the image is a navy blue couch with an alternating pattern of dark yellow fleur-de-lis pattern and a maroon red pattern. In the foreground, there is a pen that resembles thin tube with a pastel-pink pom-pom on the end of it.

Stores: KMart, Target, Smiggle, and Amazon

As this item was a gift, I don’t know for certain where it was purchased (nor do I want to know), however, I figured I’d list a few stores and people can decide for themselves.

I really enjoy this pen. I love the colour (pink is my thing) and the pom-pom is so soft and fluffy. The texture is so stimmy and pleasing. It’s especially enjoyable rub the pom-pom across my cheek or hand. I like being able to shape the pom-pom as well.

If there is a flaw, it is that these types of pens are probaably easy to get the fluffy pom-poms dirty, so I’ll have to be extra careful with it.

If readers are interested in more Stim Stationery, K.A. @ Stim Toy Box has a tag dedicated especially to it, just click on the link.

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