Quarterly Goals: January – March 2019

Image Description: an illustrated picture, the background of the picture is a peacock-blue, while the foreground is dominated by the image of an archery target-stand with three arrows lodged within a series of aiming-circles printed on the target stand.

Yearly Overview:

Reading Goals and Achievements for 2018:
Read: Goal = 65 books | Achieved = 118
Reviewed: Goal = 24 books | Achieved = 39 Books

Reading Goals for 2019:
Read: Goal = 120 Books
Reviewed: Goal = 40 Books

Australian Women Writers Challenge

Image Description: a silhouette picture of a woman, wearing Victorian-era clothing and wearing a top hat. Her hair is braided into a plait and she is also holding a folded up umbrella. The background is dived up into three segments: mint-green, white in the middle, then mint-green again.

Read and Review: Goal = 4
I managed to read three last year and, hopefully, I’ll be able to reach this goal this year.

RMFAO Genre Challenge 2019

Image Description: a large white square image that has robin’s egg blue water-colour paint-style bordering up against the top and down the bottom of the picture. In the middle of the white square is the text “2019 RMFAO Genre Challenge” in fancy black handwritten text.

Read and Review: Goal = 10
I managed to read seven Diverse Books last year but I wasn’t very good at keeping up the RMFAO Genre Challenge. Oddly enough, this is the same number I read the year before as well, hopefully, I’ll be able to reach the ten book goal this year.

Writing Goals for 2019:
Writing Articles:
Achieved = 6 x Weekend Notes articles and 3 x Recipe Yum articles were written for 2018
Goal = write 3 x Weekend Notes articles and 3 x Recipe Yum articles per quarter

One of the things I implemented last year was using the last quarter of the year as a Quarter of Review and I thought this would have been a good idea if I had been able to implicate it properly. So this year I’ll be implicating it again as well, so it’ll be a total of 9 x Weekend Notes articles and 9 x Recipe Yum articles for the year. If I manage to do more than that, which I doubt will happen, I will consider it a bonus.

Stim Toy Reviews:
Achieved = 11 out of 12 blog-posts for 2018
Goal = 12 Stim Toy Review posts

Due to personal problems, I only just missed out on making this deadline, however, it’s okay. I don’t feel too bad about not completing this particular goal. I’m also going to be including my Stim Stationery posts as a part of my Stim Toy Reviews from now on.

Arts and Crafts:
I don’t have a specific quota for these types of posts, however, I’m hoping to write some more cross-over posts involving Bullet Journal stuff, Stationery, Stim Stationery, and Arts and Crafts posts. I want to do more Bullet Journal posts but I also want to do more Arts and Crafts tutorial posts. I’ll see how I go.

YouTube Videos:
Achieved = 7 out 12 videos for 2018 (technically 6 videos)
Goal = 12 videos for 2019

I figured I should be more realistic about my video production abilities, once a month seems far more reasonable than my previous goal of once a week. More experienced YouTubers than I struggle with a once-a-week production schedule and some of my favourite content creators only update once a month as well. Establishing a workable routine for my various creative projects is more important at this point.

Evaluation of Goals and Projects:
Once a month, I volunteer at a community radio station, where I go on the radio and read out newspaper articles on Air. It’s a good experience for working in a community radio station, however, it can be a little frustrating to organise around my work. I also feel as though I’m not getting enough out of it. So I’ll be evaluating whether or not participating in this service is a valuable investment of my time or what I can do to get more out of the experience. I like the idea of getting into podcasting, I have invested in some equipment, but I’d like more radio experience first.

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