Monthly Overview: January 2019

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart

Write minimum of 4 x blog-posts for the month – Goal Accomplished:
It feels good to be getting back into the routine of writing blog-posts more regularly, things have been difficult in my personal life, and it deeply impacted my time and ability to create. I’m still battling with Time Management and scheduling my posts ahead of time, however, I’m getting there.

Write a Stim Toy Review post – Goal Accomplished:
~Stim Stationery: Gifted – Volume 2
~Stim Toy Collection: Tangle Jr

Write 2 x Book Reviews per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Saga, Volume 9 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
~Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong

Write a Weekend Notes and Recipe Yum article – Goal Not Accomplished:
~Jojo’s Saucy Waffles
~The Pancake Parlour – Highpoint Shopping Centre

I managed to write two weekend-notes articles this month, however, I didn’t get around to writing this month’s Recipe Yum article. I have until the end of the quarter to complete all of the articles, so it’s not a failure just yet.

Film, Edit, and Publish 1 video to YouTube – Goal Not Accomplished:
I was really hoping to get this video done the previous weekend, however, it just didn’t happen. Like with the Recipe Yum articles, I’ve still got until the end of the quarter to get all three videos done, so it’s not a failure just yet.

Monthly Earworms – Songs I’m currently obsessed with:
~All The Pretty Girls by Vera Blue
~Clumsy Love by Thelma Plum
~Tap Sticks by Emily Wurramara

So that’s it for this month, hopefully, I’ll finish off my last Weekend Notes article, and then I can focus on my other projects. If you want to talk about your latest updates to your creative projects, let me know in the comments below.

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