Arts and Crafts: Tools of the Trade – Part 1

Image Description: a title-post picture with a white background, the words ‘Arts & Crafts’ written in the centre in rainbow word-art, with a clip-art picture of red roses in each of the corners.

I was thinking of getting back into knitting (because I hate myself and clearly don’t have enough creative projects to deal with), however, I was also considering the benefits of learning how to crochet as well. When I was a young lass, my mother made me and my siblings a blanket of crocheted squares, it’s a nice weighted blanket for cooler weather (how I long for cooler weather). I was considering making one myself, not for a particular purpose or person, but just to find out if I could do it.

I found a crocheting kit on Wish for AU $16.00 and I thought it was a good idea. Side Note: Wish and Banggood are interesting websites with a great collection of stim toys and stationery items, however, impulse purchases can be a problem, if that’s a problem for you too, maybe avoid those two sites until you’ve got a specific item in mind that you’d like to purchase. Try to avoid aimless scrolling through either website.

An example for me would be that, I’ve been looking for a specific type of Cactus Pen online, I managed to find it on Wish, and hopefully I’ll be able to do a blog post on this (and a few other pens I’ve collected along the way) in March. But that can wait, for now, let me show you my crafting tools:

Image Description: a robin’s egg blue leather bag, that has a white leather strap, on the white leather strap is a small robin’s egg blue mustache and text underneath it, “THE GREATEST HAPPINESS IN LIFE”.

Image Description: an image of yellow measuring tape bundled up in a figure-8 loop.

Image Description: a close-up image of a small yellow item you can wear on your finger in order to cut string or fabric. The item rests upon my kitchen bench.

Image Description: a close-up image of small orange and yellow plastic sewing needles. The plastic sewing needles are arranged in pile inside a plastic bag

Image Description: a close-up image of a multi-coloured collection of stitch markers (like tiny plastic padlocks) inside a small plastic bag on top of my kitchen bench.

Image Description: a close-up image of a red plastic crochet/knitting-needle row counter on my kitchen bench

Image Description: a close up image of a collection of crochet hooks of various sizes on my kitchen bench. Each tool has a different colour for the handle.

It’s super cool how all of those items fit inside that little blue bag. I don’t know how to crochet just yet, which means I haven’t used these tools, I will let you know (probably six months down the track when I finally remember I made a post about this).

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