Quarterly Goals: April – June 2019

Image Description: an illustrated picture, the background of the picture is a peacock-blue, while the foreground is dominated by the image of an archery target-stand with three arrows lodged within a series of aiming-circles printed on the target stand.

This will be “Attempt 2” of my Quarterly Goals for April, May, and June. I realised my previous attempt was more of a “Monthly Overview” blog post, than a “Quarterly Goal” post, and changed it accordingly. This Quarterly Goal post may be a little shorter than usual as it’s more of a summary of what I plan to do. It also contains a considerable amount of numbers and quotas (*gasp*).

Quarterly Reading Goals
Quarterly Reading Quota: 10 books per month or 30 books per quarter
Quarterly Reading Goal: Read 60 books by 30/06/2019

RMFAO Genre Challenge 2019:
~April: Young Adult and/or Graphic Novel
~May: Classic or Literary Fiction
~June: Non-Fiction

Normally, this is the place where I’d talk about the books I plan to read over the Quarter, however, I’ve noticed every time I say I’m going to read a book, my brain decides it’s no longer interested in reading it, which is super frustrating.

Quarterly Writing Goals
~3 x Stim Toy Reviews per quarter
~3 x Weekend Notes articles per quarter
~3 x Recipe Yum articles per quarter

Blog and Vlog Posts:
~Quarterly Blog Quota: 4 x regular blog posts + 2 x book review blog posts = minimum of 6 blog posts per month or 18 blog posts per quarter
~Quarterly Blog Goal: 36 blog posts by 30/06/2019
~Quarterly Vlog Quota: Create 1 video once a month or 3 videos per quarter
~Quarterly Vlog Goal: Create 6 videos by 30/06/2019 (1 down, 5 more to go)

I’m also going to try and Journal more. I’m not really the type to write about my feelings, and that probably won’t change, but I’d like to be more consistent. My tablet does make Journaling easier, this is due to using One Note, which means I’m able to sync it with my laptop and mobile phone accordingly.

Well, those are my goals for the Quarter, whether I’m successful or not, we’ll see. If readers want to leave a comment or a link regarding their own Quarterly or Monthly goals, feel free to do so in the comment section down below, and thanks for reading.

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