Stim Stationery: Gifted – Volume 3

Image Description: a rainbow-coloured collection of display folders with the spines facing out.

I received these stationery items for my Birthday, which was in April, and I am only just writing up this blog post (yes, I know, I’m terrible at time management). I mostly received notebooks, which was nice, but there was also a couple of miscellaneous items as well. Let me show you them:

Image Description: A brown faux-leather notebook with a black elastic band around the cover. The cover has text on the top of the cover “I WOULD RATHER BE AT”, and underneath that is the Hogwarts crest and motto.

My brother got this for me from Typo. The faux-leather feels good to touch, the paper is lined, and there’s a small storage pocket at the back.

Image Description: A brown faux-leather notebook with a brown elastic band binding the book closed. The front-cover and back-cover have a geometric swirly design on it.

Apparently, this is a Point Journal, you can buy standalone notebooks, or it can come in a kit. The Point Journal has dotted pages, however, the design is so faded I thought they were blank pages at first. It also comes with a tiny instruction booklet tucked into the small storage pocket at the back. The instructions and diagrams are suspiciously similar to the Bullet Journal Method.

Image Description: A ring-binder notebook (the ring-binder section is sky-blue). The cover background is sparkly pink, with a rainbow, and a white cloud with the metallic rainbow text “Rainbow Dreamer” and metallic rainbow stars.

Image Description: Image – Two blue packets of novelty paper clips, from left to right, the first packet is paper clips in the shape of little white-bones, and the second packet is little red-apples.

Image Description: a small packet of multi-coloured googly eyes with irises and pupils.

Googly Eyes! Mwuhahahahahaha!

Image Description: From left to right, a black-cloth pen sock, next to a hand-carved mechanical pencil.

My friend got this for me from a Ballan Farmers Market, it’s a mechanical pencil, and it’s hand-carved. The wood sections feel super smooth.

Image Description: a small black square plate, with a gold outline, and gold text in the middle of the square black plate. The gold text printed is “WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY KEYS?”

This has been surprisingly helpful for me. I normally keep my keys on a key-chain lanyard and then place those on the door-handle of my front door, that way I always know where they are, and I can’t leave the house without them. My car keys, on the other hand, are a little different. This way, if I need to find my car keys or my partner needs to use my car, they’re always in the one spot on the table.

All in all, an excellent collection, feel free to talk about your favourite gifted stationery items down below in the comment section.

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