Monthly Overview: May 2019

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart

Monthly Goals for Reading – Goal Not Accomplished:
Target: 10 books per month
Result: 9 books for May

Monthly Goals for Writing:
~Write a minimum of (4 x regular blog-posts) + (2 x Book Reviews) for the month – Goal Accomplished:
This is more accomplished due to a technicality, as I ended up writing more Book Reviews for this month than “regular blog-posts”, but 6 blog-posts were written and published, so it still counts. Yay!

~Write 2 x Book Reviews per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Book Review: The Umbrella Academy – Vol. 1: The Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way
~Book Review: Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
~Book Review: Check, Please! – #Hockey, Vol. 1 by Ngozi Ukazu

Write a Stim Toy Review post – Goal Accomplished:
~Stim Stationery: Tactile Pens

Write a Weekend Notes and Recipe Yum Article – Goal Not Accomplished:
Honestly, I’ve decided to mark place these articles in the Yearly Category, as in, attempt to write 9 articles by the end of the year, because there are some months were writing a Weekend Notes article isn’t a problem, and there are months were it’s super difficult. It more a matter of timing at this point.

Create 1 Video for YouTube Channel – Goal Not Accomplished:
At this point, I’m just simply frustrated with myself, and I’m contemplating shutting the whole channel down and starting again. IDK.

Monthly Earworms – Songs I’m currently obsessed with:
~Sucker by Jonas Brothers
~I Like Me Better by Lauv
~Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

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