Monthly Overview: June 2019

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart
Monthly Goals for Reading – Not Accomplished:
Target: 10 books per month
Achieved: 4 Books for June

Monthly Goals for Blogging:
Write a minimal of six blog posts per month – Goal Accomplished:
At the end of May/beginning of June, my partner and I were visiting my partner’s family in Wentworth (half an hour away from Mildura). Normally, we only get to stay for the weekend or short periods of time, however, this time we had managed to organise it so that we were able to stay for a week.

This allowed me time to relax and work through my backlog of book review posts that I needed to work on. As a result, all of my June posts were scheduled ahead of time, which was an awesome feeling, made me feel all accomplished. When we got back from Wentworth, my partner and I have needed to become part-time caregivers for a family member, which has recently taken up a large chunk of my time and energy.

As a result, my usual routine has had to change considerably, which is something I struggle to adapt to quickly. As a result, my creative output and reading have been considerably stunted, which is understandable given the circumstances, however, it’s still super frustrating. I suppose we all have different limitations to work within.

Write at least 2 x Book Reviews per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Book Review: I Hate Fairyland – Volume 3: Good Girl by Skottie Young
~Book Review: Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve
~Book Review: The Umbrella Academy – Volume 2: Dallas by Gerard Way
~Book Review: Constantine – Volume 1: The Spark and The Flame by Ray Fawkes, Jeff Lemire, Renato Guedes, and Marcelo Maiolo

Write at least 1 x Stim Toy Review per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Stim Stationery: Gifted – Volume 3
~Stim Toy Review: Rainbow Unicorn Pencil Case

Write 1 × Weekend Notes and 1 × Recipe Yum article per month – Not Accomplished:
Yeah, I am definitely shifting these tasks over to the Yearly Goal category, which means I only have one more quarter before we get to Q.O.R. The final quarter of the year is my Quarter of Review. This is when I try to cram 9 months worth of tasks into 3 months. Such a great idea.

Create 1 x YouTube Video per month – Not Accomplished:
*incomprehensive raptor screeching* At this point in time, I just don’t have the time or mental energy to put into the creation of videos and maintaining a YouTube Channel, and I feel I have to resign myself to this. Even if this is just for now. Creating a YouTube channel is something I want to do, however, I don’t think this is something I can do right now.

Monthly Earworms – Songs I am currently obsessed with:
Between You and I by Kita Alexander
Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop
Real Thing by Middle Kids

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