Quarterly Goals: January – March 2020

Image Description: an illustrated picture, the background of the picture is a peacock-blue, while the foreground is dominated by the image of an archery target-stand with three arrows lodged within a series of aiming-circles printed on the target stand.

Yearly Goals Overview

Reading Goals for 2019:
Read: Aim = 120 Books
Reviewed: Aim = 40 Books

Read: Achieved = 48 out of 50 Books
Reviewed: Achieved = 17 Books

Reading Goals for 2020:
Goodreads Reading Challenge: 50 books for 2020
Monthly Reading Goals: Read at least 5 books per month
Reading Journal: Update Reading Journal at least once a week.
Book Review: write at least 25-40 book reviews (this will depend on how books I read).

Unfortunately, I failed both those goals, however, because I had to take a minimum of three months off from blogging to take care of a family member with cancer, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m struggling to get back into reading and blogging but I’m making some progress in the right direction.

Scheduling everything in advance when I have a moment seems to be working best. The problem with that is that you need time and energy in advance to do that. So, I’ll try to as much as I can while I’ve still got the resources to do so.

Reading Challenges:

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2020

Image Description: a silhouette picture of a woman, wearing Victorian-era clothing and wearing a top hat. Her hair is braided into a plait and she is also holding a folded up umbrella. The background is dived up into three segments: lavender-purple, lilac in the middle, then lavender-purple again. There’s text superimposed on top which is: “2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge” in a cursive-style font.

My goal for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019 was to read and review 4 books. Unfortunately, I only read and reviewed 3 books, hopefully, this year I’ll manage to get 4 books done.

AWWC Book Reviews:
~Black by Fleur Ferris
~Fence – Volume 2 by C.S. Pacat
~Fence – Volume 3 by C.S. Pacat

RMFAO Genre Challenge 2020

Image Description: The background of the image is yellow with a repeating random pattern of sillohetted images: a pair of glasses, three books stacked together, a lamp, and an open book. In the center foreground of the image is a black sphere with the following text in yellow: “RMFAO presents… 2020 Genre Challenge.” with “since 2014” written in white text underneath.

I’m not sure if I’ll be participating in this challenge this year. I’m too much of a mood reader and, as I borrow most of the graphic novels from my local library, I have difficulty predicting what I’ll be reading from month to month. I’ll be more likely to use the Genre Challenge as a Guideline rather than a Hard and Fast Rule.

The Genre List for 2020 has also changed. I’ve written the Genre List down below if readers are interested in joining in:
January: Science-Fiction
February: Women’s Fiction or Westerns
March: Mystery-Thriller
April: YA or Graphic Novels
May: Classics/Literary
June: Non-Fiction
July: Dystopian/Apocalyptic
August: Contemporary Fiction
September: Humour or World Fiction
October: Horror
November: Historical or Steampunk
December: Adventure or Fantasy

Writing Goals for 2019:
Stim Toy Review: Aim = write 12 stim toy reviews (once a month minimum)
Weekend Notes: Aim = write 9 articles for the year
Recipe Yum: Aim = write 9 articles for the year

Stim Toy Review: Achieved = 9 stim toy reviews
Weekend Notes: Achieved = 4 articles for the year
Recipe Yum: Achieved = I didn’t write any articles last year

Definitely failed on this particular goal. To be honest, while I generally have no problems writing Stim Toy Reviews, I’m not sure I want to continue with writing the Weekend Notes and Recipe Yum articles. I used to bake all the time, now I just don’t have the time or energy to bake stuff *sigh*.

I won’t make any commitments to writing Weekend Notes or Recipe Yum articles, however, I am fairly certain I can commit myself to writing 12 Stim Toy Reviews for the year 2020. I don’t want to box myself into writing only about one type of Stim Toy, however, I would like to have a more consistent theme with regards to the Stim Toys I review.

YouTube Channel Goals:
Aim: Create 12 Videos for the year (make sure to include subtitles)
Achieved: I created 1 video (with subtitles) last year out of a possible 12.

I’m planning on shutting down my current YouTube channel and constructing another one (hopefully a better one). I’ll most likely keep the half-decent videos I’ve created, especially if I’ve added subtitles to them. Trint is a pain in the arse to use. There has to be an easier way of doing things.

So, my real goal is to sit down and actually plan my videos out, like I should have done from the beginning, and when I’ve got a few planned out and filmed, then I’ll start giving myself video goals. For the time being, I am just going to focus on writing scripts and creating thumbnails, I think that might be the better idea.

Damn my enthusiasm for a shiny new project idea!

Other Miscellaneous Goals:
Last year I attempted to get into the habit of Daily Journaling in a separate personal journal. I failed spectacularly at this, however, I am determined to get better. I want to get back into a Daily Writing Habit and I think this will help.

So, that’s a close approximation of my yearly goals, I’m going into 2020 with low expectations, I recommend expecting the bare minimum from me. What about your yearly goals? Was 2019 a successful year for you? What are your goals for 2020? Feel free to let me know and leave links in the comment section down below.

2 thoughts on “Quarterly Goals: January – March 2020

  1. Great goal! Looks pretty ambitious to me, so I wish you stay motivated all year and don’t be too hard on yourself.


    1. For better or worse, all my goals are ambitious, succeeding with them is another matter. You’re right, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, and I am doing better than when I didnt set goals. Thank you for commenting and stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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