Stationery Review: The Happy Planner – Classic

Image Description: title-card image. It has four strawberries, one in each corner, and written in the centre of the image is “Stationery Review: The Happy Planner – Classic” in large hot-pink text.

Item: The Happy Planner (Classic) Undated Box Kit and The Happy Planner (Classic) – Value Pack Stickers: Colourful Boxes

Cost: The Happy Planner (Classic) Undated Box Kit = $54.97 + The Happy Planner (Classic) – Value Pack Stickers: Colourful Boxes = $19.53 + Amazon Prime Membership $6.99 = $81.49

Date of Purchase: 23/01/2020

Date of Delivery: 31/01/2020

Store: Amazon – Australia


Image Description: A cardboard box with a clear plastic display case. Inside the box is The Happy Planner (Classic) Undated Box Kit – Colourful Happy. There’s a discbound planner, a bookmark, a section of sticky notes, and sheets of multicoloured stickers.

Image Description: A clear transparently-plastic bookmark with the word “HAPPY” written on the bookmark in a vertical pattern. The bookmark also has a scattering of multi-coloured dots that resemble confetti.

Image Description: There are two sheets of stickers. On the left-hand side, a white sheet with black number stickers on it (to represent Days of the Week). On the right-hand side, there are black number stickers up the top, there are black calendar label stickers, and larger colourful calendar label stickers.

Image Description: There are two sheets of stickers. On the left-hand side, a various collection of colourful stickers of various shapes and sizes (mostly focusing on symbols). There are today boxes, priority boxes, checklists, and colourful circle stickers. On the right-hand side, a different collection of stickers, these ones are mostly words, but there are also three colourful coffee-cup stickers.

Image Description: a close-up image of three different types of sticky notes. From top to bottom: the top one has a white background with multi-coloured confetti around the edge with “Hooray” written at one end. The middle one is a teal-coloured one with the white outline of a clock at one end and a white square at the other. The bottom one has rainbow diagonal stripes at one end and the rest of the sticky note is white.

Image Description: A discbound notebook. The discs that bind the notebook together are a teal-blue with a small heart in the middle of each disc. The cover is a white background with airbrushed splashes of colours. In a clock-work pattern: pink, red, yellow, teal-blue, and orange. On the front of the cover is a gold-metallic cursive-style text that reads, “live a colourful happy life”.

Image Description: The inside cover of the discbound journal. On the left-hand side, the cover is white with black horizontal stripes. On the right-hand side, is a small piece of paper with an introductory note from the makers of The Happy Planner, behind that is a “This Planner Belongs To…” section.

Image Description: Both pages are “At A Glance Calendar” pages. The left-hand side page is an “At A Glance Calendar” for 2019 and the right-hand side is an “At A Glance Calendar” for 2020. The page design is black and white.

Image Description: Both pages have a blank vertical calendar spread. On the left-hand side is a small column for notes.

Image Description: a blank verticle weekly spread across both pages. Each day of the week is cut into three separate segments.

Image Description: This page is what I will be calling the Monthly Overview page. The page is divided into two columns: on the left-hand side is a line space to write the name and number of the month and written underneath is “plan a happy life” in green cursive text. Underneath that is a yellow section with text in a white outline, “#HAPPYLIFE”, and list of dot-points and space to the right. The dot-points listed are Reading, Planning, Watching, Cooking, Playing, Drinking, Pinning, Crafting, Going, Loving, Dreaming, Feeling, Listening, Celebrating. I think the idea is that you write down what you were doing for the month next to the corresponding topic in the list. At the top of the right-hand side is a section for the top three priorities. Then there’s a large lined section for Birthdays and Celebrations. Then at the bottom is a dotted section for notes.

Image Description: The page is a white lined page with airbrushed sections of colour at the top of the page. At the top of the page is are red, yellow, and teal-blue air-brushed sections of colour with a black outlined heading of “NOTES”.

Image Description: An image of the back of The Happy Planner (Classic) Undated Box Kit – Colourful Happy. The image focuses on the contents of the box, with a close-up focus on the image is the 12 different colourful designs of Dividers that come within the box-set.

Image Description: A medium-sized notepad/packet of The Happy Planner (Classic Size). The packet is called Colourful Boxes and has a blue elastic band at the bottom of the notepad keeping it closed.

Image Description: The image is of the back of a medium-sized notepad/packet of The Happy Planner (Classic Size). The packet is called Colourful Boxes and has a blue elastic band at the bottom of the notepad keeping it closed. The main focus of the image is the back of the notepad, which displays the various. stickers of colourful boxes available. The stickers of boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

~Undated Pages: I reason I chose this planner was because it’s Undated and I wanted to be able to make a comparison between the Dated planner pages and the Undated planner pages. I suspect that The Happy Planner company makes more of an effort into the design of their Dated planners than with their Undated ones. I don’t know why. The Undated Monthly Overview and Weekly Focus sections are great and exactly what I wanted.

~The Colourful Boxes Sticker Pack: The Basic packet and The Colourful Boxes packet of stickers were recommended by Heather Kell @ Kell of A Plan. I like the consistency of design and multiple choices of colour available. As of writing this post, the sticker packs come in Classic and Big, and there aren’t any Mini-sized stickers, however, it is possible to use Big or Classic Stickers in your Mini Planner.

~Online Solutions: The Classic/Medium size is the most common size planner available. So, if you’re struggling, or you don’t know how to do something, there’s a pretty good chance that there will be a YouTube video explaining how to do it. There’s a lot of help available online.

~Happy Bookmark: The bookmark is nice and normally I would consider that super useful, however, the plastic laminate is flimsy and is already peeling off the back of the bookmark. I suppose you could peel it off and replace it, however, I feel as though I shouldn’t have to do that.

~Classic Size: The Classic size has confirmed a few of my suspicions about my Mini Happy Planner. I’ll definitely be able to add those extra notes and sections I want to add for Project Planning and To-Do Lists to the Classic size planner. I think I could add a few pages per monthly section in my Mini Happy Planner but not as many as I would need to plan effectively.

~The Monthly Overview Page: I’m not a big fan of the Monthly Overview page. I get what the designers are going for, however, it doesn’t work for me or for the projects that I have in mind. Although I can see this kind of monthly overview working for other people.

~Colour Scheme of Dividers: While I like the splashed of metallic colours added to the front cover and Monthly Dividers, I am not particularly fond of the Dividers, I don’t like the colour schemes or design patterns. With my Mini Happy Planner, while the dividers are different from each other, they are compatible as a collection. There is a lot of black and white used on the Dividers and I’m not a fan of the teal-blue.

Like with the Mini Happy Planner, I probably wouldn’t recommend The Classic Happy Planner system, and the wide variety of accessories, to Bullet Journal Beginners. I consider myself fairly experienced with Bullet Journal Stuff and I am super overwhelmed with the sheer volume of choices available.

I bought the Box Set because I thought it would be a better investment as it came with stickers and a couple of extra accessories, however, I feel as though buying The Happy Planner book and accessories separately may have been the better idea. Thus far, the accessory bundles match up with my expectations, but the Box Set was a little disappointing. It didn’t even come with a sticker packet (you have to buy that separately).

All in all, The Undated Classic Happy Planner is good but it’s not great, I would be more inclined to recommend the Classic size of my Mini Happy Planner. Worst case scenario, you can use white-out or washi tape to alter the dates if you need to, however, the reality is that you could probably find something locally for the same price (or cheaper) that could easily do the same job. It’s difficult to justify.

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