Book Review: Giant Days – Volume 11 by John Allison

Image Description: book-cover of Giant Days: Volume 11 by John Allison.

Title: Giant Days – Volume 11
Creators: by John Allison (Writer), Max Sarin (Cover Art), Whitney Cogar (Colorist)
Social Media: Goodreads
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Format and Price: Kindle format and $15.83
Stars: 5 out of 5 stars

About The Creators:
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About The Book:
The third (and final!) year of university is finally here, and BFFs Daisy, Esther, and Susan are in for some surprising upsets in their first semester. Between Halloween run-ins with Daisy’s dreaded (dreadful) ex, part-time gigs at a shady pop-up Christmas market, Esther dating a tech-bro, and Susan attempting to be… romantic, there’s still plenty to learn and more than enough misadventure to squeeze in before it’s time to don caps and gowns! Written by John Allison (Scary Go Round, By Night) and illustrated by the incredible Max Sarin, Giant Days Volume 11 kicks off the third year with a bang, collecting issues #41-44 of the Eisner Award-winning series

General Observation:
~Character Development – Esther: Esther has a long and sordid history of acting first and thinking later, however, I am proud of the way Esther has been maturing over the last couple of volumes. In this volume, Ed and Nina’s relationship begins to develop further, and this is the moment that Esther realises that she may have feelings for Ed.

Now, I am a little sceptical of this, it does come across as Esther wanting him because she can’t have him, however, she puts her personal feelings aside and encourages Ed to go with Nina to Australia. That’s a big moment of personal growth right there.

~Relationship Focus – Susan and McGraw: I love these two, they are so adorable together, they definitely bring out the best in each other. Susan helps McGraw stand up for himself and McGraw helps Susan express herself better. Susan’s Valentine’s gift for McGraw is both hilarious and practical.

~The Land Down Under: It always amuses me to observe British depictions of Australians. As a fellow nerd, I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic to Ed’s struggle to fit in with Nina’s family, meeting a new partner’s family is never easy. While Emus aren’t as dangerous as Cassowary birds, they are quite large, so Ed’s fear was justified. I can’t help but feel this was a missed opportunity to discuss The Great Emu Wars.

All in all, an amusing collection of December to February Adventures (I forget that the UK start their school year in September), looking forward to the next volume.

Available for Purchase: Amazon | Book Depository | Kobo Books

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