Book Review: Giant Days – Volume 12 by John Allison

Image Description: book-cover of Giant Days – Volume 12 by John Allison.

Title: Giant Days – Volume 12
Creators: John Allison (Writer), Max Sarin (Cover Art), and Whitney Cogar (Colorist).
Social Media: Goodreads
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Format and Price: Kindle format and $16.82
Stars: 5 out of 5 stars

About The Creators:
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About The Book:
It’s never a quiet day at the University of Sheffield as best friends Esther, Susan and Daisy try to do regular things like solving comic book shop capers, attending McGraw’s brother’s wedding, and Daisy learning to drive OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL DOOMED. The Eisner Award-nominated team of John Allison (By Night) and Max Sarin are back with new unforgettable stories about the best BFFs ever, including a special issue both written and illustrated by Allison himself. Collects issues #45-48.

General Observations:
~Giant Days Noir-Style: I thoroughly enjoyed the Noir-style Comic-Book Capper. Susan may be right, there may be more to being a private detective than standing around and internally monologuing with oneself, however, the mystery was solved and hilarity ensued. Susan’s payment for her services was the best part.

~Character Development – McGraw and Family: It was good to see McGraw and his brother bonding, it was also good to see McGraw’s family extended and expanded upon. It’s a relatively small family in comparison to Susan’s six sisters, any family would be considered small in comparison to Susan’s really, but McGraw’s family is not without its amusements. It’s interesting to see that McGraw and his dad are very much alike.

~Character Development – Susan: Continuing on from Volume 11, Susan has been feeling as though she’s a “parody of a bad girlfriend”, that Susan isn’t good at the usual things girlfriends are good at, like say getting along well with your in-laws. I’m glad to see that these concerns of Susan’s haven’t been swept under the rug and, while McGraw reassured Susan on Valentine’s Day that she was fine, they deserve proper addressing. It’s good to see Susan’s vulnerable side every once in a while.

All in all, a great volume with some excellent character development and maturity, looking forward to Volume 13.

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