Monthly Overview: July 2020

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart

Monthly Goals for Reading:
Aim: Minimum of 5 books read and/or Maximum of 10 books read per month – Goal Accomplished
Achieved: 10 books out of 10 books
I actually managed to read 10 books during July. I’m so happy. I will acknowledge that all of the books I read for July were Graphic Novels, however, Graphic Novels are still Novels, and I will not tolerate any judging or shaming with regards to comics or graphic novels, even from myself.

Because I have Amazon Prime membership, I can borrow 10 books, and return them when I’m done. There’s a lot of novels available, however, so far I’ve managed to find a lot of Star Wars and Marvel graphic novels, which I am super happy about it.

So far, I am reading a lot of graphic novels focusing on Darth Vader, and I feel that the graphic novels do a much better job at exploring Darth Vader’s character, motives, and the Star Wars universe. Especially in comparison to the movies. I find this mildly concerning.

Monthly Goals for Writing:
Write a minimum of (4 x regular blog-posts) + (2 x Book Reviews) for the month – Goal Accomplished:
While I managed to write 6 blog posts, I did super bad with the planning and scheduling, and I’m hoping to improve upon that this month. I also did manage to write two book reviews within the Dystopian and Apocalyptic Fiction genre. Super stoked about that. Although, technically Doctor Aphra could also fall into the Dystopian/Science Fiction genre, as the comics tend to explore the darker aspects of the Star Wars Universe.

Write 2 x Book Reviews per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Book Review: Star Wars – Doctor Aphra, Vol. 2: Doctor Aphra and The Enormous Profit by Kieron Gillen
~Book Review: Star Wars – Doctor Aphra, Vol. 3: Remastered by Kieron Gillen
~Book Review: Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve
~Book Review: On The Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis

Write a Stim Toy Review post – Goal Accomplished:
~Stim Toy Review: Narcissa Narwhal – Squeezamals

Monthly Earworms – Songs I’m currently obsessed with:
~A Town Without Pity by Gene Pitney
~That Don’t Impress Me Much by HAIM
~Used To Be In Love by The Jungle Giants

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