Stim Toy Review: Food Plush Toy

Image Description: The background of the image is a grey-stripey blanket. The focus of the foreground is a soft toy that vaguely resembles a pineapple fruit. It has two black eyes and a black smile. Down further it has seven gold crosses in two lines.

Item: Food Plush Toy – Assorted

Category: Review/Feedback

Cost: AU $6.00 (Shipping Fees: N/A)

Date of Purchase: 09/08/2020

Date of Delivery: 14/08/2020

Store: Kmart

Location: Online/Australia

~Soft and Fluffy: This plushy has a super soft and fuzzy exterior. It’s the same type of fuzzy exterior that Santiago has. This plushie is also small, and if you’re the type of person who wants to carry around a plushie, this type of plushie could be a more practical solution.

~Terms and Conditions: Under normal circumstances, the shipping from Kmart is usually $10.00, however, if you buy $45.00 worth of items, you get free shipping. At the time, I also wanted to purchase other items from Kmart, but I wouldn’t really consider this a practical option.

Like with the Santiago the Blue Squirrel plushie, the Food Plush Toys that are sent out are a random selection, you have the option of receiving a Strawberry (the one I was hoping to get), a Watermelon, or a Pineapple.

However, as this plushie is half the size of Santiago, and there’s a $10.00 price difference, I don’t mind the random selection aspect of this stim toy, but it is something people should keep in mind if they’re after a specific type.

~Scented Item: This item is a scented item, however, in my opinion, it smells nothing like actual pineapples, regardless of what it may claim. To be honest, the smell wasn’t strong (or at least it wasn’t for me), however, I noticed this warning on the back of the cardboard tag:

Image Description: The background is a white flat surface. The foreground is a large white circle of cardboard. On the circle of cardboard is the black-and-white text: “CAUTION: CONTAINS FRAGRANCES THAT MAY CAUSE ALLERGIES”.

All in all, I like the design of this plushie, I love the soft tactile factor, and I like the size of the plushie. If it weren’t for the scent factor, I’d be happy to recommend these plushies, and while I haven’t had an allergic reaction, I think caution is recommended.

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