Monthly Overview: August 2020

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart.

Monthly Goals for Reading:
Aim: Minimum of 5 books read and/or Maximum of 10 books read per month – Goal Accomplished
Achieved: 9 books out of 10 books
It would have been 10 out of 10 books for August but I dragged my heels on reading the XXXHolic Omnibus Volume 5, I suppose I had a subconscious feeling that the next instalment of the series would not go well. I’m sorry to say that sometimes I really hate it when I’m right.

Monthly Goals for Writing:
Write a minimum of (4 x regular blog-posts) + (2 x Book Reviews) for the month – Goal Accomplished:
Mostly Book Review blog posts at this point. I hope you like my Doctor Aphra reviews because there’s going to be two more of those. If there’s any graphic novel series you’re reading right now and would like to recommend, please feel free to mention them in the comment section down below.

Write 2 x Book Reviews per month – Goal Accomplished:
~Star Wars – Doctor Aphra, Vol. 4: The Catastrophe Con
~Star Wars – Doctor Aphra, Vol. 5: Worst Among Equals
~Giant Days – Volume 13 by John Allison
~XXXHolic Omnibus – Volume 5 by CLAMP

Write a Stim Toy Review post – Goal Accomplished:
~Stim Toy Review: Santiago the Blue Squirrel (12-inches)

After I wrote the review, I decided to re-home some of my plushies, as I had been building up a collection of them. So, I decided to gift Santiago to my 3-year-old nephew, who simply adores the large blue squirrel, Santiago is almost as big as he is. My nephew also decided to rename Santiago to Marshmallow and I think this was the better choice.

Monthly Earworms – Songs I’m currently obsessed with:
~Don’t Fence Me In by Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
~Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim
~Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants
~I Touch Myself by Lime Cordiale

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