About the Blog:
Ambiguous Pieces is an adult blog dedicated to Baking, Writing (novel research and updates on my current Work-In-Progress projects), Book Reviews (I’ll make a genre-list on the Book Review Policy page), Feminism and the occasional Personal Rant.
I’m putting this trigger warning list here in order to save time. In some of my blog-posts, I discuss things like Misogyny, Rape Culture, Sexual Objectification, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Bullying and Harassment, Homophobia, Mental Illness, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, and Self-Harm. These are heavy and intense topics to discuss, however, these topics are important to me and I feel that they need to be discussed.

About the Author:
Favourite Authors: JRR Tolkien and Terry Pratchett

Favourite Books: The Discworld Series, The Harry Potter series and The Hobbit + The Lord of The Rings

Reading Preference: I like both Paperback books and eBooks. I read eBooks on either my laptop or my Kobo Touch. I read the most either on public transport to and from University or in bed right before I go to sleep (which is bad, because I will often stay up all night reading)
I usually discover writing books through writing blogs and Writer’s Digest, fiction books through the Book Chick City and Katytastic Book Review Vlogs. However, I will also read books recommended to me by friends and family
I get receive news online through newspaper websites and blogs. I read mostly writing blogs. However, I will occasionally buy the better homes and gardens magazine and I have no willpower concerning IKEA catalogs

I am a massive fan of Lindsay Ellis (especially their Fifty Shades of Green Series, which all writers should definitely check out) and Todd In The Shadows.

Favourite Movies: The Hobbit Movies (The Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug), The Lord of The Rings Movies, Seven, The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, The Bone Collector, Kiss The Girls, V For Vendetta, Labyrinth and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Favourite TV Shows: Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat-Noir, Grimm, The Mentalist, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Midsummer Murders

Hobbies: I’m an Obsessive Compulsive Researcher. One of the things I love researching is history, especially the Revolutionary/War time-periods. I love knowing things, just the sake of knowing, it also means I spend FAR too much time on the internet. I also am a massive fan of Pokemon (the video game and the TV show), my favourite Pokemon are Bulbasaur and Mewtwo.

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