Thoughts and Feelings: The Australian Voting System

Image Description: The background of the image is solid-black colour. The foreground focuses on an object in the centre of the image. The image is a red brain in the shape of love-heart. I've been wanting to create a "Series Title" for blog-posts and/or vlog-posts that deal with my thoughts and feelings surrounding current events, … Continue reading Thoughts and Feelings: The Australian Voting System

Autism Acceptance Month: Links

Image Description: a rainbow dragon coiled around itself in pounce-position, looking as though it's about to take off. Just a short Link-post today about Autism Acceptance Month. You might be expecting me to explain what Autism Acceptance Month and #LightItUpRed or #RedInstead is about, however, I figured it would be better for those explanations to … Continue reading Autism Acceptance Month: Links

Book Review: Look Me in the Eye – My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison

Title: Look Me In The Eye: My Life with Asperger's Author: John Elder Robison Social Media: Blog, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter Publisher: RHA eBooks Adult, imprint of Penguin Random House Australia Format and Price: eBook at $10.99 Rating: 4 out of 5 About The Author: I was born in rural Georgia, where my dad worked … Continue reading Book Review: Look Me in the Eye – My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison

Resources: Rape Culture – An Introduction

From my own perspective, one of the many aspects of Feminism is deconstructing and removing The Patriarchy from The World. Hopefully this will ultimately lead to dismantling and removing the harmful elements of society, such as Rape Culture, that are enforced by The Patriarchy and other Discrimination Hierarchies. But what is Rape Culture? After all, … Continue reading Resources: Rape Culture – An Introduction

News and Social Media: Access to Public Transport and Education

Today's post is a little off topic, its for an assignment for my subject News and Social Media in my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries, so if readers want to skip this post, that's perfectly fine (especially since it's going to come across as a bit of a rant, apologies in advance). Today's post will … Continue reading News and Social Media: Access to Public Transport and Education

The Melbourne Period Project

During the Christmas period, I bought about roughly $25 worth of groceries and donated it to my local NGO (non-government organisation) food collection, however among the groceries I made sure to buy two packets of regular pads. At first, I was uncertain if the food collection organisation would accept my donation, but I worried for … Continue reading The Melbourne Period Project

Thoughts, Words and Actions

Before reading this post, I recommend reading this first: Queer Without Gender - Queercott: Marriage Alliance I was reading these articles about the new Stonewall movie that's coming out in September Stonewall: A Film About a Historic Moment of Resistance... That Erases the People Who Were There by Teresa Jusino #NotMyStonewall: Why I'm Not Giving … Continue reading Thoughts, Words and Actions

My Social Skills – Part 2

I've been friends with my mate Robert for nearly ten years, since Secondary College and he's one of the few secondary college friends I've managed to keep in contact with. However, my mate Robert has Autism, mild Aspergers to be specific, and while early on in our friendship it did cause a few communication problems … Continue reading My Social Skills – Part 2

My Social Skills – Part 1 Welcome, this week's post is about My Social Skills and, most importantly, my Lack there of them. I'm not sure if I should turn this into a series, I certainly have enough material to do so, but I'll see how it goes, technically I'm not supposed to be posting anything at all and should … Continue reading My Social Skills – Part 1

Another Brick In The Wall

I hesitate with this post because I'm reluctant to complain about a first world problem, especially since there are so many people in different parts of the world actively stopping girls and women from gaining an education However, I have been reassured that it's okay to give voice to our struggles, that when we … Continue reading Another Brick In The Wall