J.P. Kyle’s Literary Services

JP Kyle’s Literary Services is my personal writing business, it includes the following for-hire-services:

~Freelance Writing: Topics I cover are Food and Entertainment articles such as my articles on Weekend Notes, Book Reviews, Beta-Reading manuscripts, articles on Author Events such as Rotunda in The West Events and articles on Writing Festivals and Events such as the Melbourne Writing Festival.

~Editing: General Editing for print articles for magazines, online articles for blogs, online articles for online publication, such as Platform 16 and Manuscript Appraisal (mostly Beta Reading).

~Social Media: Setting up Social Media accounts/applications such as Facebook (including a Facebook page), Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Evernote and a Blogging Platform (WordPress and Blogger respectively).

~Tumblr Blog: I also have a Tumblr Blog under the name of J.P. Kyle’s Literary Service. I post writing related stuff there.

Are you a Newbie Author looking for advice? Here’s some blog-posts that may be helpful:
~PSA For Indie Authors – Part 1: Questions
~PSA for Indie Authors – Part 2: Revision
~PSA For Indie Authors – Part 3: Genres and Cover-art

The contact form is below if you’d like to make inquiries with regards to the above:

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